1,000 lonely older people are waiting for someone to become their Silver Line friend

You can be any age to volunteer - you don't have to be old to do it because young people can do it in their lunch hours from work

Sue Smith - Silver Line volunteer

Today we met two of Silver Line's volunteers, including Susanna's mum, Sue Smith, who was inspired to volunteer after seeing 95-year-old Bob Lowe talk about the charity on Good Morning Britain.

We were also joined by Linda Southan, who speaks to 82-year-old Joseph on the phone each week.

Sure told is of how she wants to encourage others to follow her lead and sign up. Since launching our 1 million minutes campaign several hundred people have come forward to volunteer, but the charity still need hundreds more.

They've seen a 35 per cent increase in calls from lonely older people in the last 12 months. Recently it registered its one millionth call to an elderly person since its launch just over three years ago. But there are still 1,000 lonely older people waiting for someone to become their Silver Line friend.

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