Six-year-old Isla hailed a 'hero' for calling ambulance after her mum had an accident

6-year-old Isla has been hailed a "hero" by her family after she called 999 after her mum had an accident. Isla called an ambulance for her mum Suzann after she’d fallen over at home and badly injured her back.

Quick-acting Isla Harrison knew how to call the emergency services and get help for her mum after watching a TV show called Ambulance. After calling an ambulance Isla tried to keep her mum comfortable by surrounding her in blankets and her "special teddies".

Talking about how her daughter remained calm during the incident, Mum Suzann said: “I don’t remember an awful lot. It was a bit of a haze really. I just remember Isla being there and sitting with me and she opened my phone with the facial recognition technology, rang her daddy first - he was at work, to tell him to come home and then took it upon herself to ring the ambulance for me. She took it from there.”

Dad Oliver said: “I really couldn’t believe what was happening. I had to double check - ‘Are you sure mummy’s ok? Can you put her on?’ But I could hear Suze in a lot of pain in the background and then realised it was serious and I needed to quickly get out of work and quickly got home. I rang Isla when I got out of work and I heard the ambulance in the background and I was just really shocked.” 

Hannah Rounce, the emergency call handler who spoke to Isla, was impressed with her actions at such a young age. Hannah described Isla as "absolutely amazing. She knew exactly what to say. She answered all the questions so well… Just in awe, she was incredible.” 

She added: “It was out of this world how she handled it. She was doing it all by herself, it was amazing to listen to really.”

Isla has been awarded a bravery award from the paramedics and has decided she wants to be a nurse when she grows up.