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Meet Sophia, the eerily human-like robot...

You're a little freak, aren't you?

Piers Morgan leaves his manners at home...

Things often get a little weird on GMB - especially when Piers is on - but nothing prepared us for Sophia the robot who was a guest on Wednesday morning's show.

Using artificial intelligence, Sophia can communicate with people and even use facial expressions to convey emotions - and looks eerily human as she does so.

She was accompanied by her creator, robotics expert Dr David Hanson who said he hoped that in the future robots like Sophia could have relationships with humans.

Explaining his work, Dr David Hanson said: “We’re working to make relationship machines that can understand us and then ultimately care about us.”

On whether these relationships could be romantic, Dr Hanson said: “While AI [artificial intelligence] is getting smarter, it’s going through a childhood and we want to respect that so maybe someday they’ll reach an age of consent but not yet.”

Watch the video above to see a weirded-out Piers and Susanna fire Sophia with some questions!

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Weekdays | 6am-9am