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Coronavirus survivor Marisa Bappoo recalls waking up from a coma on her 16th birthday

A teen who came out of a coronavirus coma on her 16th birthday spoke to Good Morning Britain today about her ordeal.

Marisa Bappoo told Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid: "I feel stronger every day."

Mum Anita explained: "Marisa’s temperature was sky high, she had a cough as well, her breathing got really, really slow."

The family, who had all been ill, called 999 and she was given oxygen as her levels had dropped below 60. The teen was then taken to Basingstoke Hospital before being transferred later that night to Southampton intensive care and she was sedated and put on a ventilator. 

Her mum continued: "It was a nightmare. I couldn’t believe it was happening but Marisa was very, very sick. It was scary, emotional and tough as I was there by myself with Marisa because of Covid nobody else was there."

After 12 days in an induced coma, Marisa explained how she came round: "I woke up on the Monday and there was birthday banners around my room. I knew it was my birthday then. To feel more comfortable my dad had emailed pictures of the family and me on my window… as I woke up the doctor held my hand and told me everything would be okay. But I was really frightened at the time as I literally didn’t know where I was."

She thanked the nursing staff for saving her life and for their amazing level of care, which saw them decorating her room for her special birthday. 

Her mother thanked Dr Ollie Ross and his team too, saying: "Thank you hugely for letting me have my daughter back."

On getting the call her sister was out of a coma, Reyan said: "It was basically a miracle."

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