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The Power of Make Up!

This is the latest challenge to take social media by storm!

#ThePowerOfMakeUp invites you to post a selfie with only half of your face made-up to reveal exactly what you're altering on your face with make-up.

YouTube make-up guru Nikkie de Jager coined the hashtag when she posted a video with only half her face made-up to fight back at people accusing her of wearing too much make-up. Her video has inspired women across the globe to post #ThePowerOfMakeUp selfies.

Have you done #ThePowerOfMakeUp challenge? We'd love to see!

Get in touch via Facebook, Twitter or by emailing us at gmb@itv.com before 8am on Friday 25 June 2015. We may share your photos and comments on the show. You must be 18 or over, full terms and conditions at itv.com/terms.

Ranvir, Kate and Richard have been taking part - see their photos below!

Ranvir's #ThePowerOfMakeUp photo
Kate's #ThePowerOfMakeUp photo
Richard's #ThePowerOfMakeUp photo

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