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EXCLUSIVE: Thomas Markle says he sold stories because he wasn't hearing back from Meghan and Harry

This video contains strong language

Thomas Markle has told Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid that he sold stories to the press when he didn't hear back from his daughter Meghan and Prince Harry.

In an exclusive interview with Good Morning Britain, Mr Markle, who hasn't spoken to Meghan since 2018, shared his reaction to Meghan and Harry's interview with Oprah where Meghan said she felt "betrayed" by her dad's decision to talk to the tabloid press.

During her conversation with Oprah, Meghan recalled the conversation she had with her dad who denied that he had talked to the press. However, that turned out to be false.

"I denied it," he told Piers and Susanna before adding that he wished he had "never done the whole thing."

He went to say that he has "apologised about what happened at least 100 times or so," before adding: "Bottom line, I’ve never heard back from Meghan and Harry in any way shape or form.

"What I do if I don’t hear from them, is I’ll do another story for the press."

Asked why he has continued to sell stories, Mr Markle said: "I’ve yet to hear from them. I would love to hear from them. They’re not talking to me. When they decide to talk to me, I’ll stop talking to the press.”

"I’ve been pushed around and knocked down for one big mistake I made." 

Stating that "we all make mistakes", Mr Markle also explained his reasons for realising a letter between himself and his daughter to the press.

Insisting that he still cares and loves his daughter very much, Mr Markle said: "The bottom line is, she didn’t lose me. I would have always been there for her. I’m there for her now if she wants me."

Asked what he would like to say to Meghan and Harry if they were watching, Mr Markle, who lives 70 miles away from his daughter, said: "I'd like to say again, I’m sorry for what I’ve done. This was two years ago. This was a long time ago and I’ve certainly tried to make up for it. The stories in the paper, each time are because I haven’t heard from you.

"They know where I live, now we’re closer together, they’re probably 70 miles from me now. So, I’m available any time that we can get together. I’d love to get together. I’d certainly like to see my grandson."

"I’ve never stopped loving my daughter. I don’t always agree with the things my children do, but I never stop loving my children. I certainly love Meghan. She can be angry with me and tell Oprah how angry she is, but I’m still her dad," he added.

During the interview, he also shared his opinion about the royal family and the comments that were made about Archie.

"I have great respect for the Royals. I don’t think the British Royal family are racist at all. I don’t think the British are racist," he said.

"I think Los Angeles is racist, California is racist, but I don’t think the Brits are. The thing about what colour will the baby be, or how dark will the baby be, I’m guessing and hoping it was just a dumb question from somebody. It could just be that simple. It could be somebody asked a stupid question, rather than being a total racist."

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