Tom Bower on Boris Johnson - 'His weakness is that he doesn't understand how to run Downing Street'

Investigative journalist Tom Bower says Boris Johnson's weakness is that "he doesn't understand how to run Downing Street."

However, he believes Boris Johnson is the "only man at the moment" to lead the country because "there is no one else in the Tory party who could lead better."

Appearing on Good Morning Britain, the author of Boris Johnson: The Gambler, an unauthorised biography of the Prime Minister, told Piers and Susanna that while Mr Johnson hasn't been doing "terribly well", Mr Johnson is "a man who works really hard."

"He’s not doing terribly well but nobody in the world is doing terribly well against this virus. The man I get really is a loner, dedicated, hard-working, he’s a gambler, he’s a man who will try to make good and try to be the best Prime Minister for many years and I think he’s still got a chance," he said.

"It’s not easy the deal he’s being dealt, but he is a man who works really hard, contrary to the impression. I think he was a rather good mayor. His greatest weakness in my view is that he doesn’t understand how to run Downing Street, which is a bit of a shambles," he added.

Challenged by Piers on Mr Johnson's handling of the pandemic, Mr Bower said: "I don’t think he’s been so successful. I think there have been masses of failures. I don’t think it’s easy to run again in the pandemic when 80% of of the people who are told by track and trace that they are infected and should self isolate still go out around town. It’s very hard to control the virus like that.

"It’s very hard to run a consistent policy when you have scientists all the time rushing for the microphone and screaming in contradictory terms about what they think should happen. Of course, the government is in chaos in many ways but that’s because the scientists are constantly giving contradictory advice. I think there are a lot of things wrong with Boris as I showed in my book. It is an extraordinary story. I think it’s an untold story but it’s a very difficult pandemic to control and he’s not helped by a broken Whitehall machine."

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