Tony Blair: Theresa May should ask Europe for more Brexit time

The Prime Minister will hold a cabinet meeting to work out what she’s going to do next after Brexit. This comes after the Commons speaker John Bercow said she can not hold a third vote on her Brexit deal unless there are substantial changes made to her motion.

Bercow’s decision to block the meaningful vote could result in May having to ask the EU for a ‘long delay’ to Brexit, according to Good Morning Britain’s political Editor Ranvir Singh.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair joined us in the morning and said that Theresa May should ask Europe for more time to put options before parliament said a decision on the type of Brexit needs to be made.

Piers Morgan, Susanna Reid and Tony Blair

He said: “Some want a ‘soft’ Brexit and some want a ‘hard’ Brexit, what we should have done over the last 2 and a half/ 3 years is force parliament to choose between those options. Once you choose between those options, the rest of the negotiation is relatively simple to do.”

He continued: “She [Theresa May] can still now rescue this situation if she puts before parliament the core options. The real reason parliament is rejecting this deal – at the heart of it – is the fact that her deal leaves Northern Ireland in a bit of a mess as you’re not quite sure what the situation is there and the future relationship a mystery and that is not a sensible situation to be in.”

Watch the full interview above.