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Tough Mums 2016 - are you ready?

Tough Mums is back, and muddier than ever! Before applying, it’s important that you watch last year’s highlights below so you know what you’re letting yourself in for...

Once again, our exclusive obstacle course created by Tough Mudder will feature around 10 fabulous obstacles across 5km. If that’s not enough, this year’s event will feature exciting new challenges too! Here are examples of the kind of obstacles that might be included in our course...

The Hangover

An angled 10’ slanted wall, where you won’t find a foothold. You’ll have to find another way to scale this obstacle. Better have a teammate up above, down below, or a pair of wings.

Sewer Rat

A muddy crawl along your stomach through a plastic culvert 600mm wide into an excavated muddy pit. . .Just keep heading for the daylight at the other end and don’t look back!

Those who suffer with claustrophobia, may not wish to do this obstacle

Bale Bonds

Scramble up and over some hay bales. You’ll have to work together to get your team to the other side.

Kiss Of Mud 2.0

Kiss of Mud 2.0 puts you down in the muck right from the start. With less than 18" of clearance between tangled rows of barbed wire and your bum, and a floor of slushy cold mud beneath you, there’s nowhere to move but forward.

Everest 2.0

This one's all about teamwork. The objective is to run up the face of the obstacle to climb (or be pulled) over the curved top section and then climb down the back. Many participants will require assistance from others to pull them over the top - and be careful, many (including Susanna) end up back at the bottom!

People with a fear of heights may wish to avoid this obstacle

King of the Swingers

King of the Swingers requires Tough Mums to leap off a ledge and reach for a rope swing dangling above muddy water. Once airborne, they must stay focused and hold on long enough to reach for a hanging bell. Hit or miss, it still gets the heart racing!

This obstacle consists of a series of 3.5 meter high platforms overhanging a 3.5 meter deep pit of water. People with a fear of heights may have difficulty with this obstacle. People who cannot swim at least 25 meters must NOT attempt this obstacle.

Walk the Plank

Similar to above but this time no swing - just you and a 12" platform. Take a breath and jump into the water pit below.

People who cannot swim at least 25 meters must NOT attempt this obstacle

Prairie Dog

A muddy crawl along your stomach through an inclined pipe, through a mud pit and back out again through more pipe. As with most obstacles on this course, you should wear suitable clothing for getting seriously dirty!

Twinkle Toes

Tip toe your way along our own version of a balance beam. It’s not straightforward so keep your mind in the game.

Hero Carry

Find a partner and carry them over a length of the course... swap and repeat! You should aim to carry someone of similar weight to yourself to avoid injury.

Mud Mile

This obstacle is a classic Tough Mudder fan favourite, with a few little tweaks to ensure no one comes out clean. We’ve dug the pits deeper, mounded them higher, and cut the angles steeper than ever before in this 2.0 remake. If you don’t start this obstacle with a team, you’ll come out with one, or maybe end up stuck for good!

There’s a lot of mud, so be prepared to get dirty!

Pyramid Scheme

It requires a bit of plotting, but unlike its namesake, this obstacle is all about teamwork. Start with a strong base and scramble, climb, and push your way up a slippery incline with the help of your fellow Mums - this is one obstacle you can’t go alone!

Flying Squirrel

In this test of grit and upper body strength you can either catch air from a trampoline bounce, or a mouthful of muck as you crash into the pit below. Assuming you can stick the landing, catch the zipline, and hold on and you could come out of this dry. We’ll give you the tools, but there’s no accounting for turbulence.

People who cannot swim at least 25 meters must NOT attempt this obstacle

Arctic Enema

Arctic Enema sends Tough Mums down a short slide, under a chain-link fence, and into freezing cold ice water. Once submerged, Mums must boost themselves and fellow participants through some tyres before emerging victorious.

People who cannot swim at least 25 meters must NOT attempt this obstacle

If you do not feel comfortable completing any obstacle, do not attempt it. Simply continue on to the next obstacle via the bypass lane.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, apply here!

Taking part or simply want to get fit? Our Eat More, Lose More exercise plan will help

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