Storms to sweep Britain as UK breaks record for coldest May bank holiday

There's a big change coming as we head into the week, and while it may be largely dry today, there is a storm on the way.

Anyone with outdoor plans might want to grab a few extra layers as it's set to be a record-breaking cold bank holiday Monday.

Temperatures were well below freezing in parts of the UK in the early hours of the morning, while lots of showers will make its way through southern Scotland, northern areas of England and the Midlands.

With the northerly blast of air, temperatures along the eastern coasts will be 7 or 8 Celsius but it will feel much colder than that.

Meanwhile, temperatures in the south could reach 14 degrees which would make it the coldest May bank holiday that has ever been recorded.

Northern Scotland will feel cold with a few wintry showers.

Southwest will remain largely dry, but the outlook for tomorrow is one of sunshine and a few scattered showers.

There will be night time frost and a stormy spell of weather on Wednesday.