War veteran mum air-lifted from reality show

I wanted to do this extreme programme so my daughters could watch it and say 'if my mum can do that after losing a leg, my mum can do anything'

Hannah Campbell

War veteran Hannah Campbell joined GMB today to tell us of how she survived the battlefields of Iraq only to find herself being air-lifted out of a reality TV show nine years later.

The 31-year-old mum of two quit Bear Grylls' The Island after she was left in agonising pain from a scorpion sting, which triggered post traumatic stress disorder.

A huge storm was the last straw for Hannah's PTSD, a consequence of when she was a corporal in Basra, where she was buried alive in a mortar attack and suffered life-changing injuries in 2007. In the accident she lost a leg and suffered serious shrapnel wounds to her face and body.

Despite being told that her abdominal injuries made it unlikely she'd ever carry another baby, Hannah had her "miracle" second daughter Lexi-River two years ago. She was already mum to Milly, now 10.

Hannah tells us of how she doesn't regret her Island experience and that she wanted to show her daughters that losing a limb wasn't going to stop her.

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