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War veteran Tom Moore's NHS fundraising campaign surpasses £13 million

War veteran Tom Moore has raised more than £13 million for NHS Charities Together. His initial target was £1,000.

As a result of the amount of money that has has raised, the 99-year-old has become the biggest single fundraiser in Just Giving's history.

Speaking to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain today, Tom reacted to the news of the monumental amount. He said: "It's unbelievable that this sum of money has been raised so quickly for super people.

"It just shows we [British public] are generous thoughtful people. It's for a super purpose and the doctors, nurses and all the backup people deserve every penny we can give them."

Tom has since completed the 100 laps he promised to do. But since setting out his pledge, the war veteran has vowed to continue his laps as the donations continue to roll in.

There have been calls for Tom, who served as an officer in the 145 Regiment Royal Armoured Corps from 1940, to be given a knighthood in recognition of his efforts.

After being asked by Piers whether he would like the honour of being knighted, Tom responded: "I would be absolutely amazed. I never ever anticipated I would get anything like that."

Tom also had a special message for NHS workers.

"You're all entering something where you are putting yourselves in danger and you're doing that for all the people. You are doing a marvellous job!"

Offering his advice to people during this difficult time, Tom said: "You've got to think that things will be better. The future is in front of us all and without doubt, things will get better. We shall get through this difficult time so please remember that tomorrow is a good day and that we should all get through it in the end."

Follow Moore's progress via his Twitter profile @CaptainTomMoore.

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