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War veteran's walk to raise money for the NHS skyrockets past £1m

War veteran Tom Moore's campaign to raise money for the NHS has rocketed past his £500,000 target.

The 99-year-old appeared on GMB yesterday to raise awareness about his mission to walk the length of his 25m garden 100 times before his 100th birthday to try and raise half a million pounds for the NHS.

The response from the public has been immense with Moore having now received nearly £1.5m in donations to help the NHS fight coronavirus.

After hearing Moore's story and reason for trying to raise the funds Piers Morgan donated £10,000 towards the cause.

Moore joined Piers and Susanna again today to thank the GMB viewers for their donations.

"Thank you very, very much you are all so kind, it is such a benefit to so many people. You are giving hope to the people who are at the moment finding it very, very difficult. We shall survive and we will all get through it in the end," he said.

Moore added that while the army did their job in the Second World War, this time round the army is in hospitals.

"This time our army are in doctors and nurses uniforms and they are doing such a marvellous job regardless of their own benefit."

Follow Moore's progress via his Twitter profile @CaptainTomMoore.

Moore served as an officer in the 145 Regiment Royal Armoured Corps from 1940 and explained that he is raising money for the NHS as a thank you for all the times they have treated him.

Moore says the NHS have been 'marvellous' throughout his life as he suffered hip replacements and skin cancer on his head, but the NHS was always on hand to help him recover.

After raising more than £350,000 in just over a week, Moore thanked everyone who has donated and gave credit to the brilliant NHS front line workers.

"I think it is absolutely fabulous that people have been so kind in raising money for the National Health Service," he said.

"If ever you have been in hospital you know that all the staff are all there at nine o'clock in the morning bright eyed and bushy tailed to answer all their duties and they must be a little bit apprehensive."

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