What is 'Long Covid' and what are the symptoms? Dr Hilary explains all

Dr Hilary Jones explained how 'Long Covid', a condition which appears to affect a proportion of those who've battled coronavirus, is impacting people of all ages.

Speaking with Kate and Susanna about a new study which suggests evidence of 'Long Covid', including foggy thinking, shortness of breath and other symptoms lasting for months, he shared the story of his friend, Dr Johanna Ward, who is still having difficulty with breathlessness after contracting coronavirus earlier this year.

"It doesn't just affect people's lungs," he added, discussing the list of symptoms which he said appear to stem from an inflammatory condition. And he also explained how it doesn't just affect old people, but adults and children as well.

Kate shared her concerns with Dr Hilary, explaining why she believed her husband, Derek, was a prime example of someone dealing with the effects of 'Long Covid'. She also shared an update on his progress.