Back To School 2019

Back To School: Homework tips for seniors

When a child progresses from junior to secondary school, the level of homework does too and these hacks are all about helping with that. From an app to help with learning a language for the first time, to a website that assists you with essays.

Watch the video above for senior homework hacks.

Back To School: Snack Hacks

Here are some helpful snack hacks for children during and after the school day. This includes a tip to prevent kids from over snacking, keep fruit looking delicious and a healthy hack to help them stay hydrated.

Watch the video above for the useful hacks.

Back To School: Hacks to get you organised

We have some very helpful hacks to help organise your child's life as they head back to school.

There are tips on how to repurpose household objects like an old dish drainer, a blackboard that will help them coordinate their lives and a handy app to schedule classes, homework and personal time.

Watch the video above for the organisation hacks.