EXCLUSIVE: On Your Feet comes to the UK

The amazing Jamie Wilson and Gavin Kalin are delighted to announce casting for the UK premiere of On Your Feet! The Story of Emilio and Gloria Estefan, which will play a limited season at the London Coliseum!

The show runs from Friday 14 June – Saturday 31 August 2019.

Watch the short preview above.

Katie Price's mother begs her to stop having surgery following her 16th procedure

Katie Price's mother has begged her to stop having surgery after the former glamour model underwent her 16th procedure.

The mother-of-five controversially flew to Turkey last month to undergo a number of procedures including a liposuction, a 'Brazilian butt lift' whereby she had fat transplanted into her bottom, in addition to work on her eyebrows and under-eyes.

Amy Price told Piers Morgan and Susannah Reid that she wants her daughter to learn to lover herself the way she is.

Amy, who admitted to having botox and fillers in the past, says her outlook on cosmetic procedures has changed since she was diagnosed with terminal lung disease idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

Speaking live from Costa Del Sol, where she currently lives for health reasons, Amy told Good Morning Britain: "As you get older I think you realise that you don't need it, you have to be happy with yourself and who you are and I've realised since I haven't been well that you just have to embrace yourself."

Katie Price shows the results of her 16th cosmetic procedure

Credit: REX

Katie's mother claims she is often left in the dark when it comes to her daughter's cosmetic procedures, often finding out after it's too late to convince her otherwise.

Amy added: "[Katie] gives me a little hint and I say ' don't you dare have anything done because you don't need it, you're beautiful the way you are'.

"Then as soon as I've said it, I just know she's going to do it anyway because she never tells you when she's having the surgery done I only ever find out after she's done it."

Katie remains defiant over her decision to keep going under the knife and insists she looks more 'natural' now in comparison to her days as a glamour model."

"I think I've calmed it down," she explained. "If you look back at pictures in the Dwight [York] days [the father of eldest son Harvey Price] looked like a duck, I looked horrific then.

Katie added: "Where as now, I don't like that look, however, I am older and there is nothing you can do about skin."

Line of Duty fans share new theory about Ted Hastings and John Corbett's relationship after shocking finale

There are theories that John Corbett is Ted Hasting's son after last night's episode

Credit: BBC

Series 5 of the BBC drama came to a close last night but questions have still been left unanswered

Line of Duty fans are convinced that John Corbett is Ted Hasting's son after new revelations about a woman he was close to in Northern Ireland.

The undercover officer was murdered earlier in the series and his past was revealed in the dramatic series finale on Sunday night.

It was implied that Hastings had an affair with Corbett's mum Ann-Marie McGillis, sparking a new theory that Hastings and Corbett are linked.

While Hastings denied he was ever romantically involved with Ann, his emotional outburst when told Corbett was her son prompted viewers to believe he could be the tragic officer's father.

It wasn't long before fans flocked to Twitter to debate the tense scenes, with many speculating the two officers were father and son.

Former escort Helen Wood has 'no regrets' about Rooney affair as she defends tell-all book

Helen claims she wants to set the record straight after being thrust into the spotlight in 2011.

A former escort who slept with Wayne Rooney says she has "no regrets" about her vice-girl past.

Helen Wood, 32, claims she was paid £1,000 to have a threesome with the England striker and her former friend Jenny Thompson, while Coleen Rooney was pregnant with the couple's first child back in 2010.

Now, Helen hopes to set the record straight in a new tell-all book, A Man's World, in which she will detail affairs with a string of high-profile men.

Defending her decision to release the memoir, Helen said: "People have taken an interest in my life.

"I'm sick and tired of people writing rubbish about me and people saying incorrect things.

"It's putting the record straight, it's closure and more importantly I want people that are interested in me to realise that the Wayne Rooney thing is a drop in the ocean - it's about my life and it's my biography."

Asked why she's choosing to publish a string of names in her book, she explained: "The people I decided to name in the book are the people that screwed me over."

Helen Wood is releasing a new book 'A Man's World' where she'll name her high-profile affairs

Credit: ITV

Shocking Line of Duty evidence proves H might not be a person

Former Scotland Yard detective Peter Bleksley believes the mysterious moniker refers to a place not a person.

Speculation surrounding the real identity of corrupt cop H has had Line of Duty fans gripped for weeks, but brand new evidence could foil the plot ahead of the finale this Sunday.

Fictional characters Les Hargreaves, Ted Hastings, Derek Hilton, Alison Powell and more are among the prime suspects tipped to be leaders of a deadly criminal ring.

Now, Peter Bleksley has given his verdict on who he believes is corrupt cop H, and he says the letter could refer to a place not a person.

Speaking to Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway, Peter said: "I'm not entirely convinced that H is a person. If you look at aerial shots of the block of flats by the organised crime group, you can see two very distinctive H shapes.

"The possibilities are endless, and I'm hoping that we are going to get some answers on Sunday, but I'm sure with their brilliant writing there will be lots of threads and questions unanswered that will then propel us into the next series."

Jack Fincham quits reality TV to return to the ring

Love Island star Jack Fincham joined Adil Ray and Kate Garraway to shed light on his split from Dani Dyer and discussed why he’s taken up boxing after doctors branded him ‘obese’.

Speaking about calling it quits with Dani, he said: “I am always going to have a lot of love for her, we are on good terms and stuff. It’s just life, it didn’t work out. I wish her all the best. I genuinely mean that I hope she is happy, I want her to be happy.”

EastEnders stars leave Albert Square to run marathon for dementia

EastEnders star Jake Wood, and others from the soap, will be joining Dame Barbara’s husband Scott Mitchell to run the London Marathon for charity Dementia Revolution.

Dame Barbara was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2014. She previously spent over two decades playing the iconic Peggy Mitchell in EastEnders.

Jake is supporting the Dementia Revolution as part of Barbara’s Revolutionaries and can be sponsored here.

Dementia Revolution is a yearlong joint campaign by Alzheimer’s Society and Alzheimer’s Research UK.

To find out more visit dementiarevolution.org