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Latest: Alfie Evans

The father of Alfie Evans says doctors have removed the life support machine for the toddler despite an eleventh-hour legal bid to keep him alive. Doctors at Alder Hey hospital in Liverpool are yet to confirm if the machines helping to keep the 23-month-old alive are still turned on.

It comes after an eleventh-hour legal battle to keep the toddler alive. Yesterday he was granted Italian citizenship in a bid to allow him to travel to the country to receive palliative care - it now looks as though that won't happen. Pope Francis has also shown support for the toddler, sparking hopes that he could receive further treatment in a Vatican funded hospital.

Credit: Facebook/Save Alfie Evans

Doctors say the 21-month-old has a "relentless and progressive" neurological condition which destroyed part of his brain, leaving Alfie unable to breathe and swallow on his own.

His parents have previously insisted they were "doing 100% for Alfie".
They pleaded with doctors to: “take a step back and look at it from a parent’s point of view instead of a medical point of view".