General Election

Boris Johnson causes a stir on Twitter with his controversial tea-making style!

Forget Brexit, spending promises and the latest polls... when it came to this week's general election campaigning, it was actually the humble cuppa tea which caused many people to boil over!

So what was all the fuss about?

Well, Prime Minister Boris Johnson's controversial tea-making style was exposed in the party's election broadcast video... and sent the Twittersphere into meltdown.

Nigel Farage backtracks on 600 election candidates to target Labour seats

Nigel Farage will no longer be standing 600 candidates in the General Election

Credit: PA

The Brexit Party leader withdrew his threat to take on the Tories in the General Election and will instead fight for seats held by Labour and the "Remainer" parties.

At a news conference, Mr Farage announced he will not be standing candidates in all 600 seats, as it would result in a hung Parliament.

The former UKIP leader had faced calls to stand down Brexit Party candidates in seats where they could split the Tory vote and jeopardise the chances of Brexit.

Speaking at a rally in Hartlepool, he said the Brexit Party would not take on the 317 seats held by the Conservative Party.

Instead, they will target Labour seats and "take on the rest of the Remainer parties".

"We will stand up and we will fight them all," he said.

The Brexit Party leader said he had "genuinely tried" to form a Leave alliance with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, but had been unsuccessful.

General Election: party campaign materials in the spotlight

The Tories controversially re-edited a GMB video, Tom Watson quit Labour and the Lib Dems apologised for releasing misleading leaflets.

It has indeed been another long week in the world of politics...

James Cleverly talking to Good Morning Britain

Piers Presses James Cleverly on the Tory party 'Doctored' video of Keir Starmer

The chairman of the Conservative party, James Cleverly, refused to apologise for his party posting a video on social media, despite being accused of 'doctoring' the video, seemingly trying to make senior Labour member, Keir Starmer, appear to struggle to answer questions on Brexit.

Starmer had in fact given a full answer during his interview with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain.

Piers described the video as ‘fake news’, saying the Tories had “deliberately re-edited, as a party, the end of exchange to make it look like Keir Starmer didn’t answer. In fact, he answered immediately and fluidly. That is the definition of fake news.”

Cleverly responded by saying: “we edited the video, just like you edit stuff on your programme, just like everybody else, because we needed to shorten the video.”

You can see the full exchange between Piers and Cleverly here.

Nigel Farage plans to 'hurt Labour' as he prepares for election battle

Nigel Farage said the Brexit Party would 'hurt' Labour in the most 'extraordinary way'

Credit: PA/ITV

Nigel Farage, leader of The Brexit Party, told today’s Good Morning Britain that they are going to “hurt the Labour Party in the most extraordinary way”.

He said: “We are going to hurt the Labour Party in the most extraordinary way. We’ll do it in South Wales, we’ll do it in the midlands, we’ll do it in the north of England.

"Those Labour voters have been completely betrayed by the Labour Party. They are my number one target. I got those votes in 2015, I’ll do it again.”

Boris Johnson will push for election if EU grants Brexit delay

Boris Johnson’s October 31st deadline is hanging by a thread after MPs voted against his timetable to push the withdrawal deal through the House of Commons in just three-days.

On Tuesday, the government lost its attempt to fast-track the bill through the Commons by 322 votes to 308, a majority of 14.

According to reports, the Prime Minister will try for a general election if the EU grants a three-month extension.

With great regret I must say the Bill will have to be pulled and we will have to go forward to a general election

– Boris Johnson