Martin Lewis sues Facebook

I'm hoping that hitting them [Facebook] in their pocket will stop them from putting these adverts up again and again

– Martin Lewis

Consumer champion is suing Facebook for defamation after it published dozens of fake adverts featuring his name to rip off vulnerable people.

The Money Saving Expert founder says that at least 50 fake ads bearing his name have appeared on the social media platform.

He claims that the social media giants haven’t done enough to protect his reputation.

Watch the video above.

We’re running the marathon in our underwear: 'It’s empowering!'

Journalist Bryony Gordon and plus size model Jada Sezer told today’s Good Morning Britain they’re running the marathon in their underwear to inspire women of all sizes to love their bodies and get active.

Bryony explained: I think if one woman sees us wobbling around on the London marathon course having a great time… they don’t have to get up and go and run a marathon - but if they go out and run a mile…”.

Hero police officer injured after risking life at London Bridge terror attack to run London Marathon

A heroic police officer injured during the London Bridge terror attack is taking on a huge feat of endurance to raise money for the hospital that helped him get back on his feet.

Despite being off-duty last June when the terror attack happened, Charlie Guenigault risked his life to stop the massacre. He ran towards the scene and was subsequently injured by one of the three attackers who brought terror to the streets of the capital.

Tributes for the 'warm' and 'generous' Dale Winton

Tributes have come pouring in for TV star Dale Winton, who sadly died at his home aged 62 on Wednesday 18th April.

Celebrity friends including Davina McCall, David Walliams and Graham Norton took to Twitter to pay tribute to the former Supermarket Sweep presenter.

Our Entertainment Editor Richard Arnold, who spent a lot of time with Dale back in the 90s, described him as an "extraordinary man" and expressed his sheer disbelief at the passing of his old friend.

Richard said: "He was so incredibly warm. He was always filled with pearls of wisdom whenever you met him."

Piers goes quackers about 'touch-free' packaging for raw chicken targeted at millennials

Sainsbury's has decided to introduced 'touch-free' packaging for raw chicken following some concerns from customers under 35 who say they don't like handling raw meat.

So we posed the following question on today's show - are millennials too chicken to cook?

Cue, an avalanche of strong opinion from Piers Morgan and some spirited debate from our two studio guests - Amy Nickell, a journalist and millennial who is sick of her generation being blamed for everything, and Journalist Carole Malone who believes millennials are completely mollycoddled.

Watch full interview above.