Sleep Week 2018

7 diet hacks to help you get the perfect night's sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is key to being healthy. But tossing and turning well into the early hours can be anything but restful.

Getting off to the Land of Nod is as much in the preparation as it is in the setting. Certain foods are proven to help you get a peaceful night of rest.

This is what should be part of your diet to make sure you're getting a good night's rest.

Experts say these foods will help you sleep better

What does your sleeping position say about you?

Your sleep position says a lot about you. The average person spends around eight hours a day resting, and how we do that can reveal more about how we interact with our surroundings, people around us and our approach to social situations.

What does your sleeping position say about you?

I sleep like a plank

Easy-going, relaxed and quick to trust people? This is most likely to be the position that you're going to be most at ease sleeping in.

But it might not all be good news, sleep experts say that if this is your favourite position then you're likely to be pretty suspectable to being duped by other people.

I sleep curled up in a ball

It gives a feeling of safety as you doze off - that's why the fetal position is a favourite with the majority of people.

Those who sleep on their side are reportedly more sensitive - but may try and give off a tougher persona to the outside world. Socially, people who sleep curled up in a ball my be shy at first but open up to people more as they get to know them better. Research shows that double the number of women sleep in this position compared to men.

What kind of mattress should you have?

Depending on how you rest will change what kind of mattress you should have.

Side sleeper – a soft mattress is ideal if you sleep on your side. This is because your sleeping position is already causing pressure on your spine – it’s therefore important to have a mattress that moulds to your body shape and gives you the support you require.

Back sleeper – a medium-firm mattress is what you should be looking for – this will give your lower back the essential support it requires when sleeping in this position.

Front sleeper – sleeping on your front isn’t recommended, but sometimes it’s just too difficult to change up what’s become an established routine. If this is you, choose a firm or extra firm mattress as this will provide essential comfort and it will stop you sinking too far into the mattress – something that will cause added pressure on your back.


Your Essential Sleep Guide

For many of us, if we get eight hours we’ll be ok, any less and we may struggle a bit. But why is this? Do we actually know how much sleep we should be getting, or do we just like to attach a figure to it to make ourselves feel better about how much time we like to spend in bed?

Unfortunately, it’s a little more complicated than a simple eight hours. How much sleep you need is very personal and will be individual to you in line with your lifestyle and the state of your health. Our essential guide to good quality sleep is brought to you by Bensons for Beds.


How stress really impacts your sleep

Too many of us spend our daily lives tired. Work is stressful, family life is busy, and it seems like you never get a break. To get right to the heart of the matter, sleep and stress simply aren’t good bedfellows. If you’re stressed, it’s more than likely you’ll suffer from poor sleep too.

The picture across the UK

According to the Bensons for Beds Sleep Wellness Survey, the biggest reason why people in the UK are struggling to sleep is stress. This is mainly work and family stress.


The Bespoke Collection from Bensons for Beds

Getting good quality sleep is so important for your health as it can improve both your physical and mental well-being as well as boosting your overall quality of life. Choosing the right mattress and creating your very own sleep sanctuary can make all the difference between a harmonious night’s sleep or one full of tossing and turning.

The Bespoke Collection from Bensons for Beds has been created to make sure your sleep is always blissful. Within the collection are a number of customisable beds and bedroom furnishings as well as a choice of 18 elegant upholstery fabrics and colours.


How to choose the right mattress

The right mattress can make or break a good night’s sleep. It can be your perfect partner for a solid and harmonious eight hours, but if you choose the wrong mattress it can work against you, harming your back and neck and leaving you in pain throughout the day.

That means the decision is such an important one.