Susanna Reid

Respected journalist and presenter, Susanna Reid co-presents Good Morning Britain. Before joining ITV, Susanna presented BBC Breakfast, and hosted her own show Sunday Morning Live on BBC One. She stood in for Andrew Marr in 2013, and made it to the final of the BBC show Strictly Come Dancing.

Susanna Reid's first World War past

There were more than 16 million deaths in WWI and dying with many of the wounded were their stories, leading to many forgotten lives.

Over the next week we go on a journey of discovery with our presenters as they piece together the jigsaw puzzle of their families WWI pasts. Who will discover their Great Uncle was decorated and whose Great Uncle went down with the ship? Today we take a look at Susanna Reid's past...

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Chris Huhne on the scandal that ended his career

It would have been much better not to have committed the crime in the first place.

... It was a stupid, stupid thing to do.

– Chris Huhne

It was one of the biggest political scandals of the decade and one that led to the end of the former energy secretary Chris Huhne's career.

Now, after the judge and barrister Constance Briscoe was found guilty of lying to police in the speeding points scandal, we'll speak to the former cabinet minster.

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Michael Gove says Clarkson should not be sacked

As I understand Jeremy Clarkson has apologised, the word in question is horrendous and shouldn't be used.

– Michael Gove, Education Secretary

The Education Secretary says there's no need for the BBC to sack Jeremy Clarkson after the presenter was accused of using racist language.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, Michael Gove said the presenter had apologised and should be forgiven. There had been calls for the broadcaster to terminate the Top Gear star's contract.

It seems to me this was a word he never intended to utter, never intended to broadcast, he's been clear in his apology and I think we should leave matters there.

– Michael Gove, Education Secretary

Michael Gove, Education Secretary

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Victim of Max Clifford is 'overwhelmed'

Max Clifford has been released on bail until Friday after he was found guilty of eight counts of indecent assault and cleared of another two.

The jury at Southwark Crown Court was unable to reach a verdict on one other.

Good Morning Britain spoke to one of his victims, who wished to remain anonymous, she said yesterday's outcome was "overwhelming".

I couldn't believe the outcome, I thought he was too powerful to ever be found guilty.

– Victim of Max Clifford
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