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The UN declares a 'Climate Emergency'

The UN has recently declared a 'Climate Emergency' due to the rate of global temperature rise linked to record greenhouse gas concentrations.

This week world leaders are meeting in Madrid for COP25 to make policies to reduce carbon emissions to mitigate against the most dramatic effects of climate change.

The polar regions are warming faster than anywhere else on Earth but the dramatic impacts of climate change are happening much closer to home and right before our eyes.

Good Morning Britain's Laura Tobin visited the beautiful town of Tirol, the largest glacier ski resort in Austria, to see the impacts of climate change and the scary reality of how quickly the glaciers are retreating, how they are adapting their tourism and what it could mean for their future.

Summer is making a comeback

Yes, the rumours are true - summer is back! It's time to dust off your barbeques and sunglasses.

The outlook is warming up, we can expect up to 29 degrees on Saturday and Sunday - and potentially record-breaking temperatures by Monday.

Britain set for hottest day of the year this weekend

Britain is set to sizzle this weekend. Temperatures are likely to top 30C, meaning we could see the hottest day of the year.

The BBQ-friendly weather will arrive in the south later this week, although temperatures are likely to be considerably less elsewhere.

Laura Tobin says: "A jet stream will be the driving force. It divides the cold in the north and the warm in the south."

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