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Clarke Carlisle backs Raheem Sterling and calls out subconscious racist reporting

Former professional footballer Clarke Carlisle blames ‘subconscious racism’ for the way black football players are portrayed in the media.

He believes non-white players are usually depicted in a negative light compared to white players, even when it may not be the reporter’s intentions.

On Good Morning Britain, he said, “one of the hardest things to evidence is subconscious racism, because you’re trying to talk about a person’s thought process and how they’ve come to that conclusion.”

“How do you bring evidence of the conditioning a person is brought up with?”

Internet left in tears after watching emotional film about losing a loved one

A Gloucestershire filmmaker who captivated the world with his Christmas short film has released his second piece targetted at beating loneliness.

Phillip Beastall hit the headlines earlier last month with his own take on John Lewis' festive release. Love is a Gift had social media users in jerking back tears as viewers watched the filmmaker listen to tapes recorded by his mother before she passed away.

In a special commission, Phillip has released his second film in support of Good Morning Britain's 1 Million Minutes campaign.

Pledge your time to our 1 Million Minutes campaign here.

Classic Christmas song BANNED over fears it promotes 'rape culture'

A US radio station in has banned classic Christmas song Baby It’s Cold Outside on their station, following feedback from listeners believing it is sexist, promotes non-consensual sex and references date rape.

Glenn Anderson, a host on Ohio's Star 102, wrote: “The world we live in is extra sensitive now, and people get easily offended, but in a world where #MeToo has finally given women the voice they deserve, the song has no place.”

GMB Golden 15: Christmas Song Ban; Gun Tattoos

Piers Morgan, Susanna Reid, Charlotte Hawkins and Richard Arnold run through what's trending today:

- 'Baby It's Cold Outside' has been banned on radio stations across the world for it's supposedly sinister lyrics
- Piers slams Little Mix's Jesy Nelson new gun tattoo as being 'irresponsible'
- Should veganism become a religion?

Children join schools without toilet training

We are used to Ofsted accessing the standards of schools, but this time they have changed their focus - and are pointing their fingers at the parents!

Amanda Spielman said mothers and fathers are abdicating their responsibilities by expecting schools to solve major problems to solve toilet-training and obesity.

According to Ofsted’s annual report, a growing number of children are joining schools without being toilet-trained - and some children are even coming into schools in nappies.

Tony Blair calls for second referendum to fix May's 'halfway house' deal

Tony Blair has slammed Theresa May’s Brexit deal, suggesting a second referendum is the only solution to resolving the Brexit stalemate.

On Good Morning Britain, the former Prime Minister said he couldn’t see any other way to resolve the issue.

“When you lose but the other side are as divided as to what form of Brexit is correct or not, the only sensible way is to put it back to people and say, ‘you have had your 30 months of experience, do you want to stay?’”

He criticised May’s deal for being unable to “please the people who advocated Brexit most strongly.”

Blair recommended having people choose between remaining in the EU, or having a Boris Johnson-esque ‘hard Brexit’.

GMB Golden 15: Tyson Fury & Arsenal Win

Piers Morgan, Susanna Reid, Charlotte Hawkins and Richard Arnold run through what's trending today:

- Tyson Fury speaks out about his controversial draw in the WBC heavyweight finals.
- Arsenal's beat out Tottenham 4-2 over the weekend, and Piers is very happy about it (to say the least).