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Are thank-you cards becoming outdated?

People have been sending thank-you cards to show appreciation for Christmases, weddings and birthdays. However, in recent times, thank-you cards are becoming less and less common.

A recent survey says 60 per cent of 25 to 34-year-olds will not be writing thank-you cards this Christmas.

Should we teach children to write thank-you cards, or are they old-fashioned and unnecessary in this day and age?

We speak to Nancy Sorrell, who says it doesn’t take much to send a thank-you card, and Tonia Buxton, who believes children need to learn how to thank people for gifts in person.

Levi Roots backs 1 Million Minutes campaign

Good Morning Britain’s 1 Million Minutes campaign wants to end loneliness in the UK - and so far more than 63 million minutes have been pledged!

A GMB and OnePoll survey said a quarter of people felt lonely at Christmas - and one in 20 said that they have cancelled Christmas after the death of a loved one.

Furthermore, half a million people say they dread this time of the year.

Celebrity chef and musician Levi Roots is supporting GMB’s campaign, prompted by his own experience with loneliness.

The couple who met for the first time on the way to their wedding!

We’d connected on so many different levels that the physical attraction didn’t really matter that much

– Paul was married at first sight!

Sarah matched with Paul on a dating app two weeks ago, and after speaking for just a few days, they decided to get married - even though they'd never met face-to-face.

They met in person for the first time at the airport on Christmas eve, both wearing their wedding outfits, and Paul packed a ring for the proposal.

Then they caught a flight to Las Vegas to get married on Christmas day.

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe spends 40th birthday in Iranian jail

Today marks one thousand days since Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was first detained in Iran, accused of plotting to overthrow the government. She has always denied the claim.

This week also marked her husband Richard's third Christmas without his wife, and also Nazanin's 40th birthday on Boxing Day.

Richard told us Jeremy Hunt has always been clear that she should be released, but stronger action needs to be taken.

Should you let your children drink alcohol at Christmas?

Bucks Fizz for Breakfast? Lager for Lunch? Do rules about alcohol change over the Christmas Holidays?

Many families will have indulged in a festive tipple and let the children join in too. Is it the perfect time to teach children about responsible drinking or should you not let the kids drink at all?

We speak to Kerry Davies, who says she lets her two boys drink on special occasions, and Lottie Daley, who says she won't even let her children drink when they're older teens!

Meet the anonymous sperm donor who discovered he has at least 25 kids

It opened me up to a whole new experience of what being alive is

– 'Anonymous' sperm donor Peter Ellenstein

Peter Ellenstein was a struggling actor when he started donating sperm to make some cash – but now he's found out that he's fathered at least 25 children and there could be even more.

It all started in October 2017 when he received a message out of the blue from Rachel White, a 24-year-old musician who was born to a single mum through IVF.

Peter was a childless divorcee when Rachel got in contact – and she soon revealed that she knew of even more siblings. This Christmas he spoke to most of his children on the phone.

Peter with some of his donor children.

Credit: The Times

The heartbreaking story of abandoned dog Snoop

The RSPCA has thanked the thousands of people who have offered to foster or re-home a dog who was seen abandoned on CCTV, at the side of a road in Stoke-on-Trent.

Now named Snoop, they say he's currently safe and sound and getting the attention he deserves.

CCTV footage of him trying to run after a car after he's abandoned has been viewed millions of times, with many people directly offering to take Snoop in.

The CCTV, that was recorded at 5pm on Monday 17 December, is now forming part of an investigation.

Anyone with information can anonymously call the inspector's appeal line number on 0300 123 8018. (your Network Provider may charge you to the call the number)

Credit: RSPCA