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Confused about Brexit? Ask Ranvir!

After Theresa May losing the meaningful vote and winning the vote of no confidence, what's next for the UK? Where do we go from here?

Good Morning Britain's Political Editor Ranvir Singh invited viewers to ask any burning questions they had about Brexit.

Watch the video above.

Brace yourselves for snow

There is a chill in the air after an arctic plunge of air swept the country. Showers could spread across the country, temperatures have dropped creating frost - and temperatures of -3 or -4 degrees can be expected in some places.

With the wet conditions settling on cold surfaces it is likely to be icy. Rain, sleet and snow in the Midlands and northern areas of Scotland as well. However, expect to see gorgeous sunshine through the day.

Theresa May wins the vote of no confidence

Theresa May has won the vote of no confidence by 325 votes to 306.

The vote was tabled by Jeremy Corbyn after the crushing defeat of the Prime Minister's Brexit deal on Tuesday.

After surviving the vote, May isn't going to waste any time and said she wants to start talks with the opposition leaders as soon as possible on an alternative Brexit plan.

The result means the government and country will carry on as usual, there will be no General Election and Theresa May will head back to Brussels to continue with the Brexit negotiations.

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Is there a war on masculinity?

Gillettes latest advert has caused controversy among the public with some people viewing the advert as an 'attack on masculinity'.

The advert shows a series of males performing actions deemed as 'toxic', being told to stop by other 'modern' male figures.

Piers Morgan has been very vocal about his anger towards how men are depicted in the advert, calling it a 'war on man'.

Nigel Farage’s scathing attack on May ahead of no-confidence vote

Key Brexiteer Nigel Farage has hit out at Theresa May’s leadership, following her historic defeat which saw her Brexit deal voted down 432-202 in the Commons last night.

Mr Farage told Good Morning Britain: “Brexit is not the problem, this Prime Minister is, she needs to go.”

“If the Prime Minister had any sense of honour she would resign this morning having led us to this debacle but of course she won’t.”

Mr Farage said a new leader would be able to go back to the European Union and apply much-needed pressure on them to negotiate better terms.

D-Day for PM's Brexit deal as she faces 'meaningful vote' defeat

After two and half years of negotiating and fighting for her Brexit deal, Theresa May will face the biggest test of her leadership to date.

Tonight, MPs will cast their vote in the House of Commons, which will determine whether Parliament backs or rejects her Brexit deal. The results of this vote could end her tenure as Prime Minister by the end of the week.

May is expected to be defeated tonight, despite delivering a powerful speech yesterday in which she implored MPs to vote for her withdrawal agreement.

It’s estimated she’s garnered the support of around 200 MPs to vote for her deal, however, Tory rebels are estimated to have more than 400 votes on their side - this includes those from the Labour party.

Tory whip resigns ahead of crucial 'meaningful vote'

Government whip Gareth Johnson has quit the government to oppose Theresa May's Brexit deal, ahead of Tuesday's crucial 'meaningful vote'.

Mr Johnson, who backed Leave in the 2016 referendum, wrote in his resignation letter to May: "This agreement prevents us taking back control and instead could leave us perpetually constrained by the European Union."

He said it was now clear that "no significant change" would be made to the agreement, and he had therefore decided "to place my loyalty to my country above my loyalty to the Government".

"We need to rediscover our confidence and belief in our country's ability to stand tall in the world without the European Union overseeing and managing our future."