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Pen pal of serial killer Dennis 'Des' Nilsen reveals all about friendship with notorious murderer

Pen pal and friend of Dennis Nilsen Andrea Kubinova spoke to today’s Good Morning Britain of their letters, friendship and keeping his glasses.  

Richard Arnold's Armchair Guide - September 18

TV's Soapy Dick brings you this week's best of British telly.

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Captain Sir Tom Moore releases his autobiography and launches Captain Tom Foundation

The 100-year-old fundraiser is releasing his autobiography today

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Selling Sunset’s Chrishell Stause Tangos her way onto the ‘Dancing With the Stars’ dance floor

Chrishell Stause says some people have left and relationships have broken down.

Facebook's Nicola Mendelsohn opens up about cancer treatment being halted due to pandemic

Facebook's Vice President for EMEA Nicola Mendelsohn speaks to Piers and Susanna about the "difficult and challenging" situation of her cancer treatment.

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UK's Covid-19 testing situation "comically depressing" says public health expert

Professor Devi Sridhar says she can't understand how countries like Senegal and Vietnam have effective testing systems up and running and the UK still doesn't.

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Honouring our Battle of Britain heroes on 80th anniversary

WWII veteran Bernard 'Bunny' Ennis, former RAF Lieutenant John Nichol and Chairman of The Not Forgotten charity David Cowley speak to GMB.

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Piers and Susanna slam credibility of 'Rule of 6' 

Piers and Susanna discuss the new 'Rule of 6' coronavirus restirction with journalists Andrew Pierce and Kevin Maguire.

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Amanda Holden defends Diversity after their BLM inspired Britain's Got Talent performance received 15,000 complaints

The BGT judge defended the dance troupe's performance for sparking a 'fundamental' conversation

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Marcus Rashford addresses 'stigma' around struggling parents as he launches child poverty task force

Marcus Rashford forced the government into a u-turn over child food poverty in the summer.

Ranvir Singh explains 'rule of six' restrictions

Social gatherings of more than six people will be illegal from Monday 14 September

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GMB favourite Ella Chadwick celebrates her 13th birthday

Ella also tells Ben and Kate about why it's important for us all to talk about organ donation

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Gordon Brown is launching a campaign which he believes can save thousands of jobs

The former Prime Minister talks to Ben and Kate that there needs to be a 'recovery plan' when the furlough scheme ends

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'That was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life' - Ben Shephard flies in a spitfire

Ben flew in the Spitfire to commemorate the Battle of Britain's 80th anniversary.

Richard Arnold's Armchair Guide - September 11

Richard Arnold brings you this week's best TV.

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Emily Bendell is suing the Garrick Club as it 'excludes women from power and influence'

However, Nana Akua says that there's nothing wrong with single sex membership clubs

Gatherings of more than six people to be banned from Monday 14 September - All you need to know

Boris Johnson outlines the 'rule of six' restrictions as the number of coronavirus cases rises.

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Former monk turned motivational speaker Jay Shetty recalls the moment that changed his life

During the interview, Jay also shared tips on how to remain calm during the pandemic.

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'The incompetence that I see from this track and trace system is going to lead to more deaths' - Dad of two turned away after Covid tests ran out

Steve drove two hours to a testing site to be told that he had to return home.

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Ant Middleton addresses controversial Covid-19 comments and opens up on positive mental attitudes

Ant Middleton faced public major backlash in March for his comments on Covid-19

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