I'm having trouble streaming the live channels

You may receive an error message when trying to stream our live channels if you have DRM / EME disabled. Please follow these troubleshooting steps to fix this issue:

On Chrome browser
1. Go to chrome://settings/content
2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Protected Content
3. Click the toggle button so it says "Allow sites to play protected content (recommended)"

On Firefox browser
1. Go to about:preferences
2. Scroll down to the "digital Right Management (DRM) Content" section
3. Tick the "Play DRM-controlled content" box

I'm having problems playing videos

We don’t want anything getting in the way of you and your favourite shows! If you're experiencing any freezing, buffering, error messages or a blank screen please try the steps below:

  1. Clear your cache

  2. Clear your cookies

  3. Check your internet speed(you’ll need at least 800kbps to play our videos and ITV Hub will adjust your viewing experience depending on your internet speed)

  4. Make sure you're using a supported browser

If you are still having problems after trying the steps above, please get in touch.

I can't hear any sound

You can raise or lower the volume by clicking on the Hub's speaker icon and sliding the control up or down. If you still can’t hear anything, the problem is likely to be with your computer settings. You can check this by trying to play something else.

Alternatively, you could be experiencing playback issues if you don’t have the right software setup. You can view minimum software requirements here.

If you are still having problems with your sound after trying the steps above, please get in touch with us.

I am abroad and can't watch videos

The ITV Hub is only available within the UK as we don't hold international rights for all of our shows. If you’re lucky enough to be on holiday, from 1st April you can watch ITV programmes abroad by subscribing to ITV Hub+ (Terms and Conditions apply.)

I am in the UK and can’t watch videos

You might experience problems if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) uses servers located abroad. If your IP address suggests you’re not in the UK, you won't be able to watch our shows.

Your ISP should update their servers on a weekly basis. If you continue to have problems, please contact them to investigate further.

You can check the location of your IP address yourself at

Note down your IP address and type it into the following website in the top right hand side under RIPE Database Search: If it’s outside the UK then you will be blocked. If it's inside the UK then your ISP may not have registered their IP addresses with the correct databases.

If you are still continue to have problems please get in touch with us.

I'm getting a “programme currently unavailable” message when I'm trying to watch live TV

We provide live TV streams of ITV, ITV2, ITVBe ITV3, ITV4 and CITV. Sometimes however, a show will only have television rights and not online rights. If this happens you will receive the ‘unavailable’ message - don’t worry this isn’t a technical fault.

My video keeps buffering

Our videos are designed to play pretty much straight away, but a small amount needs to be loaded, or "buffered" first before play can begin. However, if your connection is slower than 800kbps or drops below that speed because of problems with your internet connection, the ITV Hub may not be able to download enough of the show to play.

You can check your broadband speed by visiting

Alternatively, you may be experiencing playback issues if you don’t have the correct software setup. You can view minimum software and hardware requirements here.

I'm having problems watching videos in full screen

Google Chrome automatically updates the Flash version on your PC or MAC and there seems to be an issue viewing content in full screen mode if your Flash version is 11.5.r31.

To resolve this there are two options:

Option 1 (quick fix):
Use another browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. These browsers do not automatically update Flash and therefore you should be able to view the programme you want to watch in full screen mode.

Option 2:
Manually update the flash version on Google Chrome.
To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the most recent system plugin for Flash. 2 - Type chrome://plugins/ into the address bar at the top of your Chrome browser window.
  2. To expand all the plug-ins on your computer, click on "Details" (you'll find it in the top right hand corner)
  3. Scroll down until you find the "Adobe Flash Player" or "Shockwave Flash" listing.
  4. There will be a couple of versions of Flash, look for the one that says Shockwave Flash 11.5.r31.
  5. Click "Disable" for this entry
  6. Ensure that another version of Flash in the list is enabled (preferably Shockwave Flash 11.5.r502).
  7. Close all Chrome windows and restart your browser.

    If you are still having issues after trying the steps above, please get in touch.

I'm directed to STV when I try to watch some shows

Shows on the main ITV channel aren’t available to viewers in Scotland so you may be directed to STV to watch there instead. This needs to be done to comply with our broadcasting and rights regulations (the legal stuff!).

Viewers in Scotland will still be able to watch shows from ITV2, ITV3, ITVBe, ITV4 and CITV.

If you think we have the wrong location for you, you can change it at any time in your account.

Can't find what you're looking for?

If you are having problems and can't find a solution on our help pages, please contact let us know.

You can email us at, tweet @itvhub or call us on 0344 88 14150 (select option two). Please ensure you provide us with as much information as possible, such as your device, the make or model, so we can help identify any issues you are having. We’re available Monday to Friday 9.00am-8.00pm, and Saturday 10.00am - 8.00pm

How to...

Using the ITV Hub website

Managing my account

Using the ITV Hub website

What software do I need to view shows on the ITV Hub?

We try to make sure the ITV Hub is available as far and as wide as possible but there are some minimum requirements we’ll need you to follow.

The ITV Hub actively supports the latest versions of most major browsers with some exceptions.

We recommend using any of the following browsers:

- Internet Explorer 11 - Windows 8 and higher
- Edge - Windows 10 and higher
- Chrome - Windows 7 and higher, OSX 10.10* and higher
- Safari - OSX 10.10* and higher, iOS 10 and higher
- Firefox - Windows 7 and higher, OSX 10,10* and higher

We do not actively support:

- Internet Explorer 11 - Windows 7 and lower
- Chrome - Android
- "Live TV" for all browsers running on iOS

If your browser falls into the exceptions list then please try to update your browser or try a different one.

Please note that Opera and Opera mini are not currently supported by us.

You'll need the latest Flash player version to use the ITV Hub. You can download it here.

If you want to know which version of Flash you are currently running, take a look here: .

Check out the system requirements for Flash.

How do I find out which internet browser version I have installed?

Please visit to find out your current version.

The latest version of Internet Explorer can be downloaded from:

The latest version of Firefox can be downloaded from:

The latest version of Chrome can be downloaded from:

The latest version of Safari can be downloaded from:

How do I clear my cache?

Clearing your cache may help you fix any issues with playing videos on the ITV Hub. Just follow the simple instructions at

How do I enable JavaScript?

You will need to have JavaScript activated on your computer to view all our great programmes on the ITV Hub.

If you’ve not got it already, visit to follow the step-by-step instructions for your browser and operating system.

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies are used to improve your browsing experience and provide more information, which can then be used to make content, services and advertising more relevant for you during future visits.

The ITV Hub needs cookies to be activated on your browser and if you block or delete cookies, we’re afraid it won't work properly.

For more information, take a look at our cookie policy.

If you want to manage your cookies, take a look here.

How do I get the best possible viewing experience?

We want you to enjoy the ITV Hub and get the best viewing experience to enjoy your favourite shows.

The ITV Hub automatically adjusts your viewing experience based on available bandwidth and the resource of your computer; it requires a minimum broadband speed of 800kbps to operate well, so if your connection speed is slower it may result in a poor quality viewing experience. We also recommend you are using the latest version of your browser.

To check your internet speed, visit

If you experience any problems, start by quitting any other video applications you’re running on your computer when trying to use the ITV Hub, and if there is multiple devices running on your broadband connection, you may find this slows your connection – try disconnecting any not being used.

We’re not responsible for any household arguments this may cause!

What is ad blocking?

Ad blocking is software that prevents ads from displaying in video and on websites. You will be able to find out if ad blocking software is installed on your computer by checking the settings within your browser.

Our service is kept free thanks to the ads that you watch during shows, and because of these ads we can invest in even more great programming for you!

Can I remove the ad blocking software?

Yes! You can remove or disable the ad-blocking software by checking your extensions or add-ons within your browser settings. Once you’ve done this you can start watching your show.

Managing your account

Why do I have to set up an account to watch programmes?

Setting up an account is completely free and will open the door to a world of entertainment! You can:

  • Stream live TV
  • Watch shows from the last 30 days
  • Access exclusives like premieres and box sets
  • Stay in the know with personalised emails about shows and new features

How can I reset my password?

Don't worry! If you've forgotten your password, we can easily help you to reset it.

Click the link on the ‘Sign in’ page found at the top of the website. Now enter your email address and we'll fire you an email that contains a link to reset your password.

Don't forget that your email may go to your junk folder if you haven't had one from us before, so do check in there if you don't see it straight away.

If you still find that you have issues or if you don't receive your email, please get in touch.

Does the ITV Hub keep me logged in?

Yes! We don’t want you having to sign in every time you visit the site, so we will keep you signed in until you sign out or use another computer/device. Please remember to uncheck the 'Keep me signed in’ box if you are using a public or shared computer to prevent anyone else being able to access your account

Why do you need my postcode?

Most of the shows on the main ITV channel aren’t available to viewers in Northern Ireland and Scotland. This is why we need to check your location to ensure that we comply with our broadcasting and rights regulations (the legal stuff!).

Don’t worry, viewers in Scotland and Northern Ireland will still be able to watch shows from ITV2, ITV3, ITVBe, ITV4 and CITV and can watch all main channel shows via STV or UTV.

How do I sign up for emails from the ITV Hub?

You can be the first to find out about exciting new shows and exclusives when you sign up to receive our personalised emails. You’d be crazy not to…. not that we are biased or anything.

When you register, make sure you tick the box at the bottom the page and we’ll start sending you stuff we think you’ll like, right away!