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Based on Paula Daly's best selling novel, Windermere. The story follows three women as they each make life-changing mistakes regarding their children and husbands, which lead to unpredictable criminal consequences.

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Anna Friel
Anna Friel
Lisa Kallisto
Emmy Award winning actress Anna Friel (who previously starred in Butterfly and Marcella) plays over-stretched, working mother of three, Lisa Kallisto, who juggles her hectic family life with running a business, which keeps her occupied all hours. Chaotic and disorganised, Lisa, is married to Joe who works night and day as a taxi driver.
Sinead Keenan
Sinead Keenan
Roz Toovey
Physiotherapist Roz, played by BAFTA nominee Sinead Keenan, once had a thriving private practice, but the debts run up by her soulmate Winston leave the family facing financial ruin. Trying to get her life back on track, Roz is offered help from an unexpected quarter, but the decision she makes could change the course of her life.
Rosalind Eleazar
Rosalind Eleazar
Kate Riverty
Played by Screen Nation Rising Star Rosalind Eleazar, Kate Riverty seems to have it all - wealthy and attractive with a well-drilled and highly organised family life. Mother to Lucinda and Fergas and married to Guy, Kate invites her friend Lisa over for dinner with her husband Joe. All is well, until the evening goes spectacularly wrong...