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I'm A Celeb: Voting Stats Revealed

Tonight, your votes crowned Jill, Queen of the Jungle.

Trial Tease: Celebrity Cyclone 🙌

The moment you’ve all been waiting for… the return of the ‘Celebrity Cyclone’ 🙌

Trial Tease: Fallen Star ⭐️

Jungle duo, Matt and Mike are ‘Fallen Stars’ in tonight’s trial. Do they have the knowledge to rise to the top?

I’m a Celeb is back… in Fortnite Creative! 👑

Complete the Jungle Trials to collect coins. Buy supplies to improve camp morale and rank up. Enter the exclusive new ITVX portal. Map code: 6976-4635-7184.

Trial Tease: Savage Sorting Office 📮

Chris and Owen pay a visit to the ‘Savage Sorting Office’ in tonight’s trial!

Trial Tease: Critty, Critty, Fang, Fang 🪲

Fasten your seatbelts as Jill takes to the sky in tonight’s trial Critty, Critty, Bang, Bang.

Trial Tease: Grot Yoga 🧘

Tonight Boy George, Mike and Seann find a whole new meaning to the word zen. This is one workout class we wouldn't want to sign up to.

Trial Tease: Boiling Point 🔥

Things are heating up for Owen as he reaches Boiling Point 🔥

Trial Tease: Speak Uneasy 🍸

It's bottoms up for Jill and Mike as they head to the jungle 'Speak Uneasy' for tonights Bushtucker trial.

For the I'm a Celebrity fan in your house 🦘

Watching the show is fun, but living the I'm a Celeb lifestyle is even better! For 2022, we've added new merch AND two new games to the I'm a Celebrity world.

Trial Tease: Partners in Grime 😎

Celebrities face off to test how well they've gotten to know each other in tonight's trial, Partners in Grime.

Trial Tease: Watery Grave 🪦

Boy George and Charlene pass stars to one another, hopefully successfully in tonight's trial Watery Grave.

Trial Tease: Scareground 🫣

Jill, Mike, and Owen are picked by their campmates to take on today's Scareground.

Trial Tease: Boiling Point 🔥

Chris tries to screw his way to an 11-star dinner in tonight's trial, Boiling Point.

Trial Tease: Angel of Agony 👼

Boy George, Babatúndé, and Chris must work together in today's Bushtucker Trial.

Trial Tease: Deserted Down Under 🙀

It's time for Matt Hancock to face the next Bushtucker Trial - Deserted Down Under.

Trial Tease: House Of Horrors 👻

Matt Hancock braves flies and guts to dig for stars in tonight's trial House Of Horrors.

Trial Tease: La Cucaracha Cafe 🌮

Boy George and Matt Hancock scoff down all manner of Jungle "goodies" in tonight's trial.

Trial Tease: Tentacles of Terror 🐙

Matt Hancock MP tackles Tentacles of Terror in the latest nerve-wracking Bushtucker Trial.

Trial Tease: The Beastly Burrow ⭐️

Our two new campmates are welcomed into the Jungle by roaches and sludge in tonight's Beastly Burrow trial!

Logo of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here
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I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here