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    Your 2020 Voting Final Results

    Your votes decided who was crowned King or Queen of the Castle

    In Pictures: Ant & Dec having the best time

    So much for trying to keep a straight face during the Trials!

    In Pictures: Giovanna's I'm A Celebrity... Adventure!

    She's your 2020 Queen of the Castle!

    In Pictures: Jordan's I'm A Celebrity... Adventure!

    Jordan faced every fear and found his happy place!

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    Giovanna is your I'm A Celebrity... Queen of the Castle!

    The moment the author and podcaster found out she was your series winner

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    Giovanna reflects on her I'm A Celebrity... journey ahead of being crowned your Queen of the Castle!

    She chatted to Ant and Dec about her incredible time in the Castle

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    Jordan finishes in second place!

    He's found his happy place... in a cold Castle with 11 other Celebs!

    In Pictures: Vernon's I'm A Celebrity... Adventure!

    He's your third place Campmate - what an amazing journey Vernon's had!

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    Vernon finishes in third place!

    The TV host is your third place Castle Campmate

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    Your I'm a Celebrity... 2020 series highlights!

    Sit back, relax and relive three weeks of comedy, chaos and critters from the Castle!

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    Jordan's final Trial sees him stare his fear of snakes straight in the face

    50 terrifying snakes stood between Jordan and his final banquet

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    It's a Frightening Feast for Giovanna's final Trial

    There's a real feast at stake as Giovanna tackles a brutal banquet

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    The Critters come thick and fast in Vernon's final Trial

    There's nowhere for Vernon to run

    6 things we learnt on Day 20 in the Castle

    The final four had one seriously special day in Camp.

    In Pictures: Celebrity Cyclone ⭐🏰

    Celebrity Cyclone, we salute you ⭐🏰

    In Pictures: Shane's I'm A Celebrity... Adventure!

    The star of stage and screen made it all the way to Celebrity Cyclone!

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    Shane narrowly misses out on a place in the final!

    It's back to reality for the actor after making it all the way to the final four

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    A Celebrity Cyclone like no other for the final four Celebs!

    It's the most wonderful time of the year!

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    Jordan and Vernon get into the festive spirit in Cledwyn's Christmas Coin Challenge

    The Castle Coin Challenge entertains two of the naughtiest elves in the land

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    Mo performs his next hilarious scene as Phil Mitchell from EastEnders

    Things get serious as Mo continues his acting lessons with Shane

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