Your 2019 Final Voting Results

The Celebrity with the lowest number of votes was 3rd place

Jacqueline 36.97%
Andy 33.89%
Roman 29.15%

The Celebrity with the highest number of votes was the winner

Jacqueline 50.61%
Andy 49.39%

In Pictures: Jacqueline's Outback Adventure

She's endured more Bushtucker Trials than a Jungle critter, and had to get up close and personal with her biggest fear - spiders, as well as the ultimate challenge of being away from her children. But soap star Jacqueline found her inner strength and proved herself against all the odds at every turn to take the crown as your 2019 Queen of the Jungle - AND the reality fan can she can say she lived with Caitlyn Jenner for three weeks too! Let's take a look at Jacqueline's incredible Outback adventure.

Things got real VERY quickly when Jacqueline took on The Plank

In Pictures: Andy's Outback Adventure

He was the last Celebrity to enter Camp but he's been keeping you entertained ever since... Corrie star Andy Whyment has emerged from the Jungle in second place!
From riding high in Ol' Dingo Town to taking to the skies in the Dingo Dollar challenge, Andy has packed in an epic adventure. The I'm A Celebrity superfan never fails to look like he's having the time of his life - even when covered in critters, or being dunked in fish guts. Here's his Jungle journey.

Andy made his entrance in Ol' Dingo Town with actor Cliff Parisi

Roman finishes in third place!

He was the first Celebrity to walk into Camp as a Power Pair with Myles, and he walks out at the final with his head held high - radio DJ Roman Kemp is your third place Celebrity! He chats to Ant & Dec about his incredible adventure.