Anne Hegerty

Anne's feeling glam after leaving the Jungle

She's had a hot shower and put on some clean knickers... Anne tells Extra Camp she feels like a new woman after her exit from Camp! It's been a dizzying 24 hours for The Governess, as she reveals all of her Jungle gems while chatting to Scarlett.

  • Anne Hegerty

Anne's Jungle Predictions

Her Jungle predictions came true! New friends, a few tears and the occasional 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!'...

The Governess did so well to conquer her fears and we have loved watching her Outback journey.

Anne leaves the Jungle!

She's been on an incredible Journey, but your votes mean that Anne is the fifth celebrity to leave the Jungle! She was the brains of the Camp and made some amazing friendships - Anne chats to Dec and Holly about her time in the Jungle.

  • Anne Hegerty

In Pictures: Anne's Outback Adventure

Anne is the fifth Celeb to leave the Jungle thanks to your votes! What a woman - after a very tough start, the champion quizzer overcame every fear in the book and made some incredible friendships in the process. And what will the Camp do now without that incredible knowledge? Take a look at her journey in pictures.

  • Anne Hegerty

It's eggstra tense as Fleur's letter from home is lost

After a tough few weeks in the Jungle, the promise of letters from home makes the Celebs’ hearts soar. But they have to earn them first, and it’s an eggstra tense task as they attempt to pass eggs across a very fiddly coup. Disaster strikes when Fleur’s egg suffers a smash - and time runs out before Anne’s egg makes it home to roost.

Anne's nightmare appointment at the Hellish Hospital

Video guidance This video contains strong language

Anne enters the Hellish Hospital after you voted for her to take on the next Bushtucker Trial. Facing room after gory room full of snakes, spiders, birds, critters, offal and a nurse that should probably consider retirement, Anne overcomes some of her ultimate fears to find an almighty seven stars for Camp before uttering those famous words.

  • Anne Hegerty

In Pictures: The Hellish Hospital Bushtucker Trial

This is NOT the place you want to be taken to in an emergency... your votes sent Anne to check in to the Hellish Hospital for the latest Bushtucker Trial. Gore galore greeted the quiz master, and she overcome a multitude of fears to wade her way through snakes, spiders, critters and a truck load of offal to find those all important stars - finding seven before uttering those famous words and calling time on the Trial. Take a look at what Anne faced in the Hellish Hospital.

  • Anne Hegerty