I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

4 things we learnt on Day 19

The Campmates got a special video message during the Dingo Dollar Challenge and the letters from home sent everyone into floods of tears. Here’s what we learnt on Day 19 in the Jungle…

1. Jacqueline doesn’t like avocados

Following Roman and Kate’s successful late night radio show, the Campmates had won themselves a luxurious fry-up for breakfast!

While preparing the delicious items on the menu (sausages, eggs and actual bread - to name a few!), Jacqueline revealed that she hates avocados. She said: “I don’t like avocado, it’s too posh for me. It’s very mushy, not my thing!”

2. Kate has a weak tongue

During last night’s Bushtucker Trial, Kate had to retrieve stars from well known London landmarks - but often only using her tongue or feet.

Within a few rounds of the Trial, Kate started to doubt the strength of her tongue as she realised just how hard it was to manoeuvre the stars with it. She said: “We know that’s my weakest organ, we’ve learnt that now!”

Despite her struggles, she left with an amazing five stars!

3. Caitlyn doesn’t know what a pub golf is

After 20 days in the Jungle, Caitlyn is still learning new things from her English Campmates everyday.

While discussing where the Celebs are going to visit each other when they get out of Camp, Andy suggested they should all go for a game of pub golf.

Caitlyn had never heard of pub golf and once Andy filled her in, she had a laugh and politely declined the invitation. Later in the Bush Telegraph she said: “I take golf seriously! I don’t drink on the golf course - I’m trying to keep my swing together, you know?”

4. The Rock has tweeted Jacqueline

During an extra special Dingo Dollar Challenge, Jacqueline and Andy received two video messages from a couple of Hollywood icons - Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart.

Jacqueline was absolutely beside herself once she realised The Rock was delivering her Dingo Dollar Challenge instructions and she squealed throughout the whole video. Once she finally caught her breath she said: “It’s Dwayne Johnson! Oh my god! He said ‘campmates!’”

After watching the video message a second time, Jacqueline then revealed that The Rock actually tweeted her one time - she said it was the best day of her life.

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here