I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

4 things we learnt on Day 20

The Campmates were treated to a cocktail with dinner and Caitlyn revealed that Donald Trump has her number. Here’s what we learnt on Day 20 in the Jungle...

1. Andy loves a Bacardi and diet coke

Andy was absolutely thrilled when Ant and Dec told him and Roman that there would be a bonus round during the Bushtucker Trial where they would be in with the chance of winning a cocktail for Camp.

Being a man of simple pleasures, Andy wasn’t fussed for a fancy cocktail however - all he craved was a Bacardi and diet coke...

After successfully completing the final missing words in the Pump of Peril, Andy waved his hands in excitement shouting: “Bacardi and diet coke!”

2. Donald Trump has Caitlyn’s number

While discussing who the Celebs would swap bodies with for a day (another classic random question from Roman), Kate interestingly said she’d want to be either the Queen or Donald Trump.

As Kate began to elaborate on her decision, Caitlyn chimed in with a story of how the President of the United States actually rang her one afternoon. She said: “He never stops working! He called me up on Father’s Day.”

As you do, Caitlyn!

3. Roman would like to swap bodies with Jay-Z

Answering his own random question, Roman revealed that the Celeb he’d love to swap bodies with is Jay-Z.

Explaining his choice to Kate, he said: “Imagine, waking up - Beyonce’s your wife… He’s a billionaire. You go on stage that night and play Madison Square Garden… One of the coolest blokes in the world! I think that would be wicked!”

4. Kate misses her husband’s farts

It’s funny what the Celebs start to miss after a few days of living in the Jungle, but one of the weirdest things yet has got to be Kate missing her husband’s farts!

During an afternoon girly chat, Jacqueline kicked off the list of weird things she misses by confessing that she loves the smell of her husband’s morning breath. Matching the weirdest and maybe even raising it up a few notches, Kate then said: “I might even like the smell of Derek’s trumps now. Usually tell him off for it - he does like a trump, Derek.”

You might regret saying that once you’re back home, Kate…

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here