I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

4 things we learnt on Day 21

The Campmates took on the Celebrity Cyclone and a hungry reptile paid a visit to Camp. Here’s what we learnt on the penultimate day in the Jungle...

1. Jacqueline’s Jungle dreams came true

As two more Celebs left the Jungle last night, Jacqueline couldn’t help but look back on what a dream come true it was to share a Camp with Nadine and Caitlyn.

After an emotional goodbye, Jacquline reflected in the Bush Telegraph saying: “It honestly feels like a dream. Imagine being a fan of two people and living with them for three weeks. I lived with Caitlyn Jenner and Nadine for three weeks!”

We love that after three weeks, Jacqueline is still fangirling about two of her Campmates. It’s the cutest.

2. Jacqueline had an interesting technique for Celebrity Cyclone

Nothing beats Celebrity Cyclone Day! Every year It’s a highlight and last night was no exception.

From Andy walking up the assault course shunning every ball and gust of water that was thrown his way, to Kate holding on for dear life as a tsunami of plastic balls streamed down the course, it really was one to remember!

A standout moment in particular was Jacqueline’s technique for getting herself and her three stars to her marker - as she did it backwards. Scooting along the course on her bum, she maneuvered herself without even looking at what was ahead of her or attempting to stand up.

Laughing hysterically, Ant sad: “We’ve never had that technique before!”

3. The Celebs are fazed by lizards anymore

While recovering from the Cyclone, the Campmates were minding their own business ( and singing The Promise by Girls Aloud for the hundredth time), when they got a visit from one of their regular reptiles - Lenny the lizard.

A few weeks ago this would have sent the Celebs running and screaming (let’s not forget Roman’s reaction to that frog on the first night in Camp), but now they have become so accustomed to Jungle life that it doesn’t even faze them.

Reflecting in the Bush Telegraph on her changed outlook and fondness for Lenny the lizard, Jacqueline said: “He’s a very cute creature. If you’d asked me three weeks ago, I’d have been like, ‘ahh, run!’. We have all clearly become very used to our surroundings.”

4. The final four have become quite the cooks

From making friends with a lizard to not even batting an eyelid at the arrival of squab for dinner - the final four really have become at one with the Jungle.

Going through the menu for dinner that evening, the group were buzzing for a bit of squab for dinner, which is a real change of attitude compared to when they first started.

Commenting on how far they’ve come, Kate said: “I mean first night, if we’ve been given that, we’d have just all been like, ‘what on earth can we do, look at its beak’. We’ve become so comfortable with it now!”

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here