I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

5 things we learnt on Day 10

Andrew took a nap that sent shockwaves through the Camp and James confessed that he can’t cross his legs. Here’s what we learnt on day 10 in the Jungle…

1. The roast dinners went straight through the Celebs

After tucking into a luxurious and rich roast dinner, the Celeb’s paid the price as their stomachs’ struggled to digest such a huge meal…

The dunny took a bit of a hit as the Campmates journeyed to and from it throughout the night and poor Andy had to help clear up the mess despite the fact he didn’t even get a roast dinner! Laughing in the Bush Telegraph, he said: “I think that dunny might be done.”

2. Andy loves a latte

We’re not sure if the Celeb’s pretending they can make a cuppa is an effective coping mechanism or a sign of them going a bit bonkers.

While chilling around the Camp yesterday morning, the group started roleplaying about popping the kettle on and enjoying a good brew. If you’re interested - Ian’s order was an earl grey and Andy went for a latte.

3. Andrew has an awesome Aussie accent

During last night’s Bushtucker Trial, comedian Andrew put on quite the show as he raced around the Ark with a hilarious Aussie accent.

Running in between boxes full of different Jungle critters, Andrew spoke Australian lingo - calling everyone ‘mate’ and saying “g’day to them.”

Ant and Dec were big fans of the accent too, commenting on how Andrew was no doubt making the animals feel at home…

4. Kate doesn’t have the best telephone manners

After Adele and Cliff’s success at the Dingo Dollar Challenge, the Camp received a call from Kiosk Kev with the day’s question that stood in the way of them and a piece of chocolate each.

Kate was quick to rush up the stairs to take the call and equally as quick to hang-up on Kev - forgetting that they still needed to give him the answer!

Panic spread around the Camp as the Celeb’s worried that Kev wouldn’t call back and superfan Andy in particular couldn’t quite believe what had just happened. Shouting across the gas fire he said: “Have you not watched this show before, Kate!?”

5. James can’t cross his legs

While sat around the gas fire waiting for dinner to cook, James was full of praise for Ian and Roman for quite literally the way they were sat.

Roman and Ian were understandably quite confused by the compliment until James revealed that he can’t actually cross his legs! He gave it his best shot but we have to agree, it wasn’t the most perfect pose.

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here