I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

5 things we learnt on Day 13

The Campmates went head-to-head for immunity and the first public vote saw Adele leave the Jungle.

  • Hear’Say were Myles’s musical inspiration

Singing their way around the Jungle during washing-up duty, Myles and Jacquline had a chin wag about the musical artists that have inspired them the most.

Top of the list were Hear’Say for Myles and Shakira for Jacqueline - and the pair then proceeded to perform their favourite tracks as they scrubbed the morning’s dirty dishes.

2. Roman has Justin Bieber’s number in his phone

Is there any huge star that Roman hasn’t got a story about? From Christmas presents from George Michael to having Justin Bieber’s number on his phone, Roman really is the lad around town when it comes to knowing the biggest celebs.

Jacqueline was stunned at the news and couldn't really relate as acquaintances in her phone book was slightly different... She said: “Roman’s phonebook is lit! The most famous person I’ve got in my phone book is genuinely Ian Beale from Eastenders. Which I thought was a good one…”

3. Ian is working on himself

After fourteen days in the Jungle, Ian is learning a lot about himself and the way he deals with situations that don’t go the way that he had hoped. When reflecting on his experience so far, he admitted to James that he’s realised he gets too wrapped up in feeling wronged.

In the Bush Telegraph he said: “What I’ve found out about being myself is that I still need a lot of work. There are still certain things that I’m hanging onto that I just need to shed. That’s what this has given me.”

Will we be seeing a new Ian next time a dinner of rice and beans is on the menu? Time will tell!

4. Caitlyn put 6ft walls up around her house for privacy

Being a celebrity comes with its own challenges and for Nadine, Caitlyn and Jacquline, they know oh too well how easy it is for fake news to spread about them.

While exchanging stories, Jacqueline told of a headline that said she’d been cosying up with Harry Styles, Caitlyn mentioned false reports that her children had been in and Nadine recalled one article that said she’d gained weight.

Later in the Bush Telegraph, Nadine shared her experience saying: “Sometimes it’s that you’re dating somebody that you’ve never met before or that you’ve fallen out with someone that you’ve never had a falling out with. And you can’t go battling every fake news story or you wouldn’t stop.”

Poor Caitlyn even explained how she had to have 6ft walls put around her house to give her privacy and protection!

5. The Celebs have formed the most special bond

During their last dinner as a complete Camp, the Celebs took a moment to reflect on how far they’ve come since they entered the Jungle and how lucky they feel to be in the experience together.

Myles summed it up perfectly when he said: “The thing I’m going to miss the most is the moment where we all sit around the stove and we sit down to eat. Because I know that’s the most special moment of the night and that’s the moment where everyone comes together.”

The Celebs have grown to love each other for so many different reasons and that makes our hearts oh so warm.

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here