I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

5 things we learnt on Day 15

One of the biggest downpours in Jungle history left the Campmates soaked and Ian took on his first solo Bushtucker Trial! Here’s what we learnt on Day 15…

1. Cliff fidgets in his sleep

As if the rain wasn’t enough to keep the Campmates up last night, poor Jacquline had to deal with a certain Celeb and their case of the fidgets too.

While sleeping in James’s bed that he offered up due to the wet weather, Jacquline was shocked to experience just how much Cliff moves about during the night.

Chatting in the Bush Telegraph in the morning, she said: “Bless Cliff. He fidgets so much… He moves constantly and because the beds are attached - every time he moves I’m bouncing up and down on the bed.”

2. Caitlyn might refer Kate to her cosmetic surgeon

There was a bit of miscommunication while Nadine, Caitlyn and Kate took their morning Jungle shower and swapped beauty secrets… As Kate complimented Caitlyn on her physical fitness at 70-years-old, the conversation somehow turned to the cosmetic work that Caitlyn has had rather than her athletic, healthy lifestyle.

Kate found the crossed wires quite comical and later said in the Bush Telegraph: “I think she thought I was asking for a kind of cosmetic surgery consultation…”

3. James only says ‘I love you’ when he really means it

During the latest round of Roman’s random questions, he asked the group how long they’d wait until telling the person they’re with that they love them. The responses were quite varied and James in particular had quite a story to go with his answer.

He explained how he waited until he was 100% ready to say the words to his now wife, even though she had already said them to him a few months prior. The moment finally came for James after they’d been out drinking with his mates all day, he recalled: “I just turned round and was like ‘you’re amazing and I love you’ and I meant it and I’ve meant it ever since.”


4. Ian might be the one cooking Christmas dinner

There are some new life skills that the Celebs are thrilled to have and others that they would definitely prefer to leave in the Jungle. For Ian, becoming Camp cook is one role that he doesn’t want to become a part of his life back home.

After cooking the night’s dinner of quail (and doing a stellar job as usual) he said: “I feel I’m getting better at cooking. It’s gonna be a nightmare when I get back home because my missus [will have] seen me preparing food and cooking it and getting in done and everything. My life’s gonna change when I get back.”

We wouldn’t worry Ian - once you’ve conquered cooking silkie chickens, you can cook anything.

5. James loves everyone’s leftovers

In an attempt to consume as many calories as possible, James has started finishing off every last ounce of food from his Campmates’ plates when they’re finished with a meal.

Last night was no exception and at some points he even ate the remaining bones from the evening’s meal of quail! Jame said: “My motto is get what you can, when you can. If I've got to gnaw some bones like a rabid dog just to get a morsel of chicken or quail, I will 100% do that.”

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here