I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

5 things we learnt on Day 19

Emotions ran high as everyone adjusted to live without James and the Campmates revealed their weirdest phobias. Here’s what we learnt on Day 18 in the Jungle…

1. James was Roman’s Jungle support

There were tears all around last night as the realisation of James’s departure sunk in across the Camp.

For Roman the news hit extra hard and he explained through a few tears how James was the person he went to when he was feeling low.

After a few hugs from the remaining Campmates, he went to the Bush Telegraph and said: “I had a real moment after James left because it was just… A moment where I just realised that you know, I’ve made a really good friend. And it was a happy moment but also a sad one.”

2. Caitlyn uses the silent treatment

We’re not sure if Caitlyn gave Ant and Dec the silent treatment as a punishment for covering her in gruesome things or because she didn’t want to accidentally taste the remnants of the Trial - but either way it was hilarious.

Watching her give-side instead of a proper answer, we’ve learnt that the silent treatment is a tactic Caitlyn always has in her back pocket.

3. Kate doesn’t know the offside rule

After Myles and Nadine successfully completed the Dingo Dollar Challenge, the Campmates were asked by Kiosk Kev to pick the percentage of people that understand the offside rule.

Football legend Ian Wright of course understood the rule, but many of his fellow Campmates did not. Whilst trying to explain her understanding of the rule, Kate said: “It’s something to do with a player being somewhere they shouldn’t and playing the wrong side of the box or something?”

Yeah we think it’s safe to say Kate definitely doesn’t understand it.

4. Ian’s weirdest phobia is polystyrene

In the latest round of Roman’s random questions, he asked the Camp what their weirdest phobia is. The answers, as you may have expected, were superb.

To summarise:

- Ian can’t stand polystyrene- Kate hates the thought of there being a hair in her food- Myles loathes lollipop sticks

5. The Camp thinks Caitlyn has an extraordinary work ethic

The Celebs have been living in the Jungle for 19 days now and even with that time together, they still can’t get over how much of a team player Caitlyn is despite her age.

Being 70-years-old hasn’t stopped Caitlyn from helping around the Camp and her determination and hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. Ian said: “I can’t believe it! 70-years-old and she does so much work. She’s got an unbelievable work ethic.”

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here