I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

5 Things We Learnt On Day 2

1. Mo hasn’t got to grips with hammock life 😂

Mo falling off his hammock in the middle of the night and sleeping on the floor is the type of commitment we can appreciate.

2. Beverley’s workout video knocked a Robert De Niro film off the charts 🔥

It’s quite an impressive stat to say you sold 800,000 fitness videos AND knocked the iconic 1995 crime film Heat off the charts!

To quote Jordan: “That’s up there with Olympic gold medals for me.”

3. Mo has a piece of the history hanging in his house 🥇

As if owning Olympic gold medals wasn’t cool enough, last night we learned that Mo actually has a piece of the 2020 Olympic track proudly placed in his house. Incredible.

4. Jordan is the most scared Celeb that Ant & Dec have ever seen 😱

It says a lot that in 20 series of I’m A Celeb, that last night Ant & Dec agreed that Jordan was the most terrified Campmate they’d ever seen to face a Trial. 

It’s probably not the record that Jordan wanted to hold, but congratulations should be said nonetheless.

5. Jordan’s happy place is Turf Moor 😆

Of all the gorgeous, relaxing and tranquil places a person could pick to distract them from facing their worst fears, Turf Moor football stadium in Burnley has got to be the most random one we’ve ever heard of.

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here