I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

5 things we learnt on Day 3

Jacqueline quite literally faced her fears during the Bushtucker Trial and the Camps finally merged to live as one. Here’s what we learnt on Day 3 in the Jungle...

1. Caitlyn is very much a morning person

What is it with Caitlyn and waking up at the crack of dawn? On her first night in the Jungle she was up and about at 1:20am and then last night she bounced out of bed at 4:52am!

It’s not like she crept around Camp trying to keep the noise down either - as soon as her eyes opened she jumped up shouting: “Good morning, Jungle! Here we are. Another day to excel! Test ourselves to be great!”

As you can imagine, the other Snake Rock residents weren’t too pleased about the unexpected alarm clock. Recalling the wake-up later on in the Bush Telegraph, James said: “The Olympic torch this morning was reignited in the most extreme way.”

2. Andrew is great in a stressful situation

During the team Bushtucker Trial ‘Face Your Fears’, the Campers of Snake Rock took it in turns as their head was enclosed in a perspex dome filled with critters like rats, snakes, spiders and scorpions.

Poor Jacqueline was particularly frightened of the Trial and watching the other Celebs go through it first only furthered her fears. Andrew saw how scared she was looking and when the time finally came for her to step into the Trial, he offered her the nicest words of support.

3. The Campmates have many hidden talents

With all 10 Campmates finally reunited in the main Camp after three days apart, the Celebs finally started to get to know each other.

Last night they learnt that Andrew can make a noise that sounds like he’s playing the didgeridoo, Jaqueline can mimic the cries of a newborn baby and that Roman does an insane impression of I’m A Celeb’s very own Ant and Dec.

4. Roman met Ian when he was 7-years-old

It’s no secret that Roman is a huge Arsenal fan so it was only a matter of time until he and ex-football player, Ian sat down to swap stories.

During the conversation, Roman explained how he met Ian backstage on his old TV show, Friday Night's All Wright. He said: “I’ve still got a plastic toy of you and you signed it for me. I met you when I was like… I must have been seven!”

We love that Roman is living in the Jungle with one of his favourite football icons. From playing with a doll of Ian Wright to sharing fried possum around the cooker - what an unpredictable turn of events.

5. Adele dropped out of uni to become a DJ

Last night while dinner was cooking, Adele had a lovely little chat with Caitlyn where she described her journey to becoming a DJ.

Adele recalled how she went to university but dropped out two years into the degree to pursue her dreams of DJ-ing. Caitlyn replied in support saying that she isn’t a big advocate of people feeling like they have to go into further education after school.

Caitlyn continued saying: “Kimberly [Kardashian] never went to college. Literally, as soon as she got out of high school she started businesses.”

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here