I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

4 things we learnt on Day 4

Roman and Adele faced the first eating Trial of the series and Nadine spilled the tea on what it's like to be in a girl band.

1. Ian judged the hammocks too quickly

After sleeping on the floor for a few nights in Snake Rock, Ian seemed quite disappointed when he found that he had a hammock in the main Camp rather than a bed like some of the other Celebs.

Despite a few initial struggles and some confusion about how he was meant to get into the sleeping bag, once he was in, he looked snugs as a bug in a rug.

Kate gave him a few gentle rocks to get the hammock swinging and smiling from ear to ear, he said: “It is really cosy now. I feel like a little larvae.”

2. Roman thinks cockroaches taste like eggs

During last night Bushtucker Trial, Just Desserts, Roman and Adele took it in turns to devour disgusting dishes that featured things like fish eyes, duck tongues and a turkey testcle.

Roman made an interesting observation whilst tucking into Critter-Bocker Glory - a ‘dessert’ made up of cockroaches, mealworms and crickets. He said that not only were the cockroaches surprisingly juicy, but that they also tasted like egg...

We’ll take your word for it on that one, Roman!

3. Nadine doesn’t think she’ll sing in Camp

While chilling by the creek, Adele and Jacqueline got the chance to ask Nadine what life was really like as part of Girls Aloud.

Nadine told the pair how she’s been surrounded by girls her whole life and so becoming part of an all-female pop group felt totally normal.

When Jacqueline asked Nadine if she’d sing for them in the Jungle she replied: “See I’m so shy! I am really, really, really shy. How I became a singer and how I do any of this stuff is just beyond me.”

No worries, Nadine! From the sounds of it Jacqueline is a bit Girls Aloud obsessed so we’re pretty sure she’d help out if you want a bit of backing support…

4. James has a strong mindset when it comes to the Jungle diet

In a moment of worry, Ian opened up to James and Andrew about how he can’t stop thinking about the lack of food and potential boredom that lies ahead of them.

In a bid to motivate Ian and change the way he was looking at the experience, James said: “You’re thinking that this is about tasty food. This is about you fueling your body so you can get through the day. You’re looking at the food sitch all wrong - it’s just fuel!”

Although Ian initially pulled a sulky face in response, later on in the Bush Telegraph it seemed James’s words had hit home and really helped him shake off the hunger worries.

Considering James is used to 4,000 calories a day, he’s doing pretty well to keep such a positive mindset on an empty stomach!

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here