I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

5 things we learnt on Day 5

Andy and Cliff entered the Jungle as late arrivals and Roman got emotional over a wagon wheel. Here’s what we learnt on Day 5...

1. Homesickness has arrived at Camp

Five days into Jungle life and Jacqueline is starting to feel the strain from being away from her family. After waking with tears in her eyes, her Campmates soon caught onto the fact that she was missing her children and husband as it started to hit home just how far away from them she really is.

Ian was a great comforter during her upset - popping an arm around her and reminding her: “This is the only time you’ll be away from them this long, ever again. And what you're doing is magnificent. You’ve got to understand that.”

2. Caitlyn’s grandkids call her ‘Boom Boom’

During a lovely moment at the Creek, the girls swapped stories on what it was like to first become a parent and how they have slowly shaped into their own mothers.

While reflecting on their experiences and talking about their kids, Caitlyn revealed that not only does she have 20 grandchildren, but that they also call her ‘Boom Boom’.

She said: “It kind of stuck, it was easy for them to say. You know, little Stormi, she’ll say: ‘Ah Boom, Boom! Boom Boom’s here!’”

3. Andy is a huge I’m A Celeb fan

During last night’s Bushtucker Trial in ‘Old Dingo Town, new arrivals Cliff and Andy made quite the entrance as they jumped straight into the deep end - searching for stars in some seriously gruesome places.

Andy was absolutely buzzing as he watched Cliff complete his round of the Trial - shouting words of support one moment and cracking up with laughter the next. With the biggest smile on his face, he turned to Ant and Dec saying: “I love this show! I’ve been a fan of this show like… I’ve watched it since Series One!”

4. The girls can do the routine to The Promise

It was only a matter of time before Nadine taught the Campmates a routine to a Girls Aloud song and we are thrilled that it’s happened already!

Caitlyn, Adele and Girls Aloud superfan Jaqueline all enjoyed a little dance class from Nadine as she demonstrated the moves to The Promise.

After learning the routine, Jaqueline took to the Bush Telegraph saying: “I just love Caitlyn Jenner because she throws herself into everything!”

5. Nadine would make a great bartender

You never know what hidden talents the Celebs are going to find out about themselves in the Jungle! Last night during one round of the Dingo Dollar Challenge, Ian and Nadine had to take part in saloon sliding - where they had to slide glasses along the saloon bar and into the end zone without them falling off.

After a few rounds, there was a clear champion at the Challenge and much to sportsman Ian’s Wright disappointment, it wasn’t him. He said: “Nadine was better than me at that, you could see the focus.”

Reflecting on her successes at the Challenge, Nadine said: “I’ve been to a few bars in my time. I mean, I don’t usually do that but I might start doing it more often. Maybe professionally!”

We’re so pleased that you’ll be leaving the Jungle with such a useful, new life skill, Nadine.

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here