I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

5 things we learnt on Day 7

The Celebs are finally together in main Camp after being released from the Jungle Jailhouse and the arrival of the luxury items lifts everyone’s spirits.

1. Andrew gets hangry

At the realisation that a few ants had got near the food in the Jungle Jailhouse, Andrew’s hanger got the best of him as he panicked and abruptly told Kate to move the food as quickly as she could.

Jacqueline commented on how Andrew ‘loses his head’ when food is involved and the comedian himself completely agreed. He said: “I get hangry just before every meal. It turns out that’s my trait. My wife did warn me.”

2. James is freaked out by lady bits

While the Celeb’s hung up their clean clothes in the main Camp, we learnt that James isn’t very good when it comes to handling girls underwear.

As Nadine grabbed her pink knickers (which she now uses as a face cloth), James confessed: “I’m not very good with lady bits!” He went on to tell how going around the bra sections of a supermarket with his mum when he was younger use to freak him out.

Of all the things to be scared of in the Jungle, who knew James Haskell would find a pair of pink knickers the scariest?

3. Cliff had his first kiss in an elevator

The Campmates took a romantic trip down memory lane last night as their shared the stories of their first kiss.

Cliff’s first kiss sounded particularly memorable as it didn’t happen in the most ordinary of places... Talking to the Celeb’s, he told them how his first kiss occurred in the elevator of some local flats.

Talk about romance!

4. Caitlyn needs a well moisturised face to sleep well

At the arrival of the remaining luxury items, the Campmates were thrilled as James began dishing out the belongings that main Camp had failed to retrieve a few days ago.

Caitlyn was especially thrilled as she was reunited with her beloved fancy moisturiser - means she can finally get a good night's sleep! After opening the box which contained her cream, she said: “I don’t sleep very well unless I am well moisturised on the face.”

5. Christmas has arrived in Camp

One of the most special luxury items to be delivered into Camp this year (aside from the picture of Jane McDonald) has to be Cliff’s Christmas tree.

Unboxing the festive package he said: “This is something that I think we might all enjoy a little bit. Because this time of year, what do we all need? A Christmas tree!”

We can’t wait to see the white tree and multicoloured baubles up in the Camp. Christmas has come early for us and the Celebs!

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here