I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

5 things we learnt on Day 9

The Campmates got a care package from home and we learnt the adorable nickname that James has from his wife. Here’s what we learnt on Day 9 in the Jungle...

1. The Campmates have been hoarding beans

Camp leader James wasn’t best pleased when he found out the Celeb’s have accidentally been over-rationing their supply of beans.

Whilst doing a bit of catering admin, he stumbled across not one, not two, but TWENTY ONE bags of beans! It turns out Myles and Nadine hadn’t been organising the food properly so a lot of the food pouches had been hidden within the trunk.

The rest of the Campmates were shocked at the discovery, especially hanger-prone Andrew who said: “That’s a lot of beans, man! Long story short, we didn’t need to go hungry at all yesterday. We could have had triple our amount of beans!”

Andrew will have no excuse for getting hangry now, ay…

2. Kate doesn’t understand how to measure distance in feet

During Myles, Andy, Kate and Nadine’s quest to retrieve the care packages, the Campmates split into two teams as they navigated their way to where the boxes might be buried.

Kate and Andy were responsible for directing and poor Kate got a little confused about how Myles and Nadine would calculate the distance they needed to walk...

Over the walkie talkie to the other team, she said: “You are heading out 140ft, as quickly as you can. I don’t know how you measure 140ft…”

Maybe the length of your foot is a good starting point, Kate?

3. Roman comes up with the most random questions

You can’t beat a game of Would You Rather and it seems Roman is the master when it comes to coming up with entertaining questions.

While sat around Camp, he turned to the Celebs and asked them whether they’d rather not have sex for the rest of their lives or not eat for the rest of their lives.

Cliff chipped in with a hilariously honest and simple answer, saying: “I’ve had too much sex. Just give me the food.”

4. Nadine loves cauliflower cheese

The lucky ones of the Celebs were thrilled last night when they left the main Camp to tuck into a roast dinner after winning a place at the table during the Live Trial.

There was roast chicken, potatoes, green beans, stuffing, gravy… But the most exciting thing for Nadine? A bit of cauliflower cheese!

We love how the simple things makes the Celeb’s so happy while they’re in the Jungle.

5. James’s nickname is ‘Flower’

It’s always nice to get an extra insight to the Celebs and their life outside the Jungle when the letters from home arrive. And last night was no exception as the Campmates cried and laughed their way through the wonderful words from their loved ones.

It wasn’t all poetry and beauty though, as the tone took a slight change when it came to James’s letter where his wife explained how she missed his ‘flaps’ amongst other initially unexplained body parts…

Explaining the references in his letter late in the Bush Telegraph, James said: “Basically my eyes are quite sunk back into my head and I have a big forehead so my wife always says that I’ve got flaps when she points at my face.”

The letter also revealed how James’s nickname is ‘Flower’ and we cannot wait to see how many times Ian will call him it over the next few weeks.

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here