I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

5 Things We Learnt on Day One

From walking the plank to skydiving out of planes, last night we watched all 10 Campmates bravely begin their adventure into Camp life. Here’s what we learnt on Day One in the Jungle…

1. The girls were chuffed to meet Caitlyn

Amongst the thrill of finally meeting their fellow Campmates face-to-face, the arrival of one Celebrity in particular sent Kate, Jacqueline and Nadie to new heights of excitement.

As Caitlyn Jenner sped across the first five Celebs who were mingling on the top deck of a rather lavish boat, squeals and shocked faces spread across the new Campmates as they realised who they’d be bunking with in the Jungle.

Nadine called Caitlyn a ‘legend’ and Kate wholeheartedly agreed - explaining how her daughter’s head would ‘literally explode’ at the idea of her mum meeting the American star.

As Caitlyn’s boat continued on its journey to meet the other group of Celebs, Jacqueline couldn’t quite believe her eyes when she realised that Caitlyn was speeding towards the shore (and more importantly - to her). Cue her confessed to Roman that she was totally fangirling and didn’t know how to play it.

2. The Celebs aren’t the strongest of swimmers

If we were handing out swimming certificates for the Celebs and their ability to make their way from the beautiful boat to the sandy shore where their Campmates awaited them, the certificates would be oh so comical. Here are just a few of the highlights...

We love that Kate whipped her hair into old-school pigtails as she embarked the most leisely of swims. And the fact that Nadine appeared to journey off in the wrong direction - losing sight of the finish line...

We’d also give a shout out to Ian for putting so much effort in as despite all his best paddling, for a good chunk of the race it didn’t look like he was actually getting anywhere at all.

Talk about a fish out of water…

3. Nadine and Adele go way back

After coming third in the swimming challenge, Nadine had a few options when it came to picking which Celeb she wanted to partner up with in the hopes of becoming a Power Pair.

Luckily for Nadine, she had an easy out for choosing a Campmate as it turns out her and Adele have actually known each other for years!

When asked by Ant and Dec why she picked Adele, Nadine said: “We actually met about 18/19 years ago and hung out way before I was in Girls Aloud. So I think it would be a nice reunion!”

The Jungle is the best to start new friendships so we can’t wait to see what it does to reunite old ones.

4. Roman hates frogs

After the momentous day that Roman had just gone through (meeting his Campmates for the first time and walking a plank that’s 334ft above the ground), you’d think he wouldn’t be fazed by the little things anymore… Or not!

While exploring the Camp ahead of his first night in the Jungle, Roman was left frozen in his tracks as he watched a friendly frog jump along the ground and straight towards his bed.

Terrified, he shouted for help and looked visibly relieved when Nadine and Adele came rushing to his rescue. Once he’d recovered from the ordeal, he spoke about the encounter in the Bush Telegraph saying: “I just hate them. I hate them so much. They make my skin go.”

We’d keep those sorts of secrets to yourself if we were you Roman… The public love knowing a Campmates worst fear.

5. James’s Jungle diet has begun

It’s pretty obvious that entering the Jungle was going to involve a huge change of diet for rugby player James, but none of us could have predicted just how huge that change was going to be...

At the delivery of the first dinner in the rough Camp (aka Snake Rock), James took to the Bush Telegraph to talk through his concerns over the pouch of rice and beans that was to last him a full 24-hours.

Holding his petite pouch of food, he said: “Portion sizes are a huge worry for me. I actually know my daily calorie intake... I’m on 4,000 calories a day. I’m going to fade away into nothingness.”

Chin up, James! At least you can savour every single one of those precious grains of rice... Oh wait, no. Ian just burnt them.

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here