6 things we learnt on Day 2

The Campmates woke up after their first night sleep in the Jungle and the bonding began as the Celebs shared stories from home. Here’s what we learnt on Day 2…

1. Roman snores

There are certain noises that you expect to hear when sleeping in the Jungle - a choir of birds at dawn, the rustling of critters on the ground or the soothing sound of water flowing down a distant river... One thing thing you definitely don’t expect to hear though, is the repetitive snoring from a sleepy Roman Kemp.

Good luck to our Campers on sleeping through that the next few weeks…

2. Prepping the gas cooker isn’t easy

We bet the Celebs thought they were in for a right treat when they found out they wouldn't be having a wood fired this year! Little did they know however, that the gas alternative would require just as much elbow grease - if not more.

While on gas duty, Nadine said: “It’s not as easy as you think! You don’t just flick it on, you have to go down and you have to pump the gas yourself which is actually really, really difficult.”

Who needs the new Jungle gym when you’ve got the gas pump?

3. James used to fancy Kendall Jenner

While Caitlyn was spilling the tea on life in front of the cameras during Keeping Up With The Kardashians, James jumped in to confess that he actually used to have a crush on one of her daughters.

Of the Kardashian/Jenner family, it turns out James had quite the thing for Kendall Jenner! A ‘massive crush’ in fact. And he wasn’t the only one! Andrew chipped in saying: “I think most men on the planet have probably fancied one of your daughters at some point.”

4. George Michael bought Roman a batmobile

We love it when the Celebs start sharing their stories from home. Well it’s not everyday that you hear how someone’s parents used to compete with George Michael over who could give them the best Christmas present, is it?

While taking a trip down memory lane, Roman spoke fondly of his godfather (George Michael) and told the tale of a particular Christmas where George surprised him with an extra special gift that trumped the gifts from his parents.

He said: “One year my dad bought me a bike - a rally bike and I was like ‘sick’. And then I remember George came to the house and brought in my present… And he had gone to Harrods and bought one of those electric cars - you know the big ones. But not only that, it was a batmobile!”

As Christmas stories go, that’s quite an epic one.

5. Tom Hanks gave Kate a surprise samosa

From Roman’s gifts from George Micahel to Kate receiving a goodie bag from Tom Hanks - you just can’t make this stuff up!

The celebrity stories continued when Roman asked Kate who was the nicest celeb that she'd ever interviewed. Kate replied without hesitation saying it was the one and only Tom Hanks.

She told the tale of one year that she covered the Oscars on the red carpet and how after interviewing Tom Hanks, she made a joke asking him to bring her back some food - obviously never expecting him to actually do it!

Kate continued the story saying: “Literally two hours later he came out with like a goodie bag [with food] for me and the cameraman. And I thought, that’s class isn’t it?”

Not only did Kate get a special story to hold dear, she also got a samosa. Winning!

6. Adele loves Jane McDonald

It’s each to their own when it comes to picking a luxury item to bring into the Jungle and who are we to judge? If James wants to bring in a special pillow - so be it! If Kate wants a bit of concealer in Camp - go for it! If Adele wants a framed picture of Jane McDonald - Hang on... That one is a bit weird.

After successfully saving her luxury item in a group challenge with Crock Creek, Adele was beyond thrilled that her beloved picture made it into Camp. The other Celebs were pretty confused and needed some context to understand Adele’s reasonings for picking what seemed to be the most random luxury item ever.

While explaining the choice to her Campmates, Adele put it as simply as it could be, saying: “She’s my favourite Loose Woman. She’s going to get me through the Jungle. I love her.”

And just like that, a picture of Jane McDonald now hangs in pride of place at Crock Creek.