I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

6 things we learnt on Day 20 in the Castle

1. The Castle is full of farts 🙈

Is it the rice and beans, or is it just the boys running with that as an excuse? Either way, the trumping has picked up pace and there’s no passing the blame to each other this time - they’re all guilty as charged. 

Filling us in on the increased farting, Jordan explained in the Telegraph: “As soon as Gi walks out the room now, we’re like ‘Oh, Jesus, I was holding that in for 10 minutes!’”

To be fair though, at least they’re trying to hold *some* in…

2. Pat Butcher is a tongue twister 😂

Or as we will now forever call her, Bat Putcher. 

3. Cledwyn loves a mince pie 🎄

So that’s where all the Castle Coin Challenge treats go…

4. Celebrity Cyclone marks the 400th Trial on I’m A Celeb! ⭐

That’s 400 times that Ant and Dec have watched Celebs squirm, squeal and scream as they were put through their paces. 

The second water dump during the Cyclone was the perfect way to honour the occasion - the Celebs really didn’t see it coming, did they?

5. The Cyclone ball pit is deeper than it looks 🤣

See ya, Giovanna!

6. The Campmates have had the best time ❤

Our final four got all the feels as they sat around the fire post-Cyclone reminiscing about the highs and lows of their Castle adventure. From Jordan’s freak out during the Viper Vault to Vernon’s happiness for knowing he’s made his daughters proud, it really has been a wonderful whirlwind of a few weeks in Wales.

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here