I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

6 things we learnt on Day 6

Jacquline and Myles joined the Jailhouse and Caitlyn fell out a window during the Dingo Dollar Challenge. Here’s 6 things we learnt on Day 6...

1. James sucks at ‘Quick Draw’

Given the fact James invited the game ‘Quick Draw’, you’d think that would automatically make him the best at it. But it turns out that it’s quite the opposite...

During a duel with Jacquline, she totally thrashed him as she stood there sipping from her water bottle before he’d even had the chance to remove his from his pouch.

Reflecting on the loss in the Bush Telegraph he said: “I got absolutely destroyed today. I mean, a game that I invented I am now becoming the brunt of all the jokes.”

2. Andrew’s loves his budgie smugglers

The basic facilities in the Jungle Jailhouse mean Andrew, Andy, Kate and Cliff have to take it in turns to shower by chucking cold buckets of water on each other.

In preparation, Andrew stripped down into his shower gear (a pair of striped budgie smugglers) and Kate couldn’t help but notice the hilarious effect that the clothing always has on him.

She said: “He wears the tightest, smallest budgie smugglers and he becomes a whole new person.” Cue a shot of Andrew walking around Camp confidently as he waits for that bucket of cold water to splash him in the face.

3. Andrew doesn’t chew his food enough

Trust a comedian to find choking on a camel fillet hilarious… While tucking into a hearty dinner after Myles and Jacquline’s success at the Bushtucker Trial, a bit of food got stuck in Andrew’s throat and the scene went from peaceful to scary in a matter of seconds.

Dropping their dishes, his fellow Campers came running to his side as they hit him on the back to dislodge the culprit. After a few moments, Andrew coughed the camel back up (ate it again) and could then breathe normally.

Myles said: “I think that was the funniest, most scary moment in my entire life but I’m glad he’s okay and he still finished all the food as well.”

4. Roman has seen a UFO

We’re not too sure how the Celebs in main Camp got onto the topic of UFOs but we are loving their stories and thoughts on the matter.

Ian for one is a strong believer that there’s something else out there and he’s very open about beliefs. In the Bush Telegraph he said: “I don’t think we’re alone in the universe. Absolutely not. It’s miles too big. Too big. Honestly, I’m fascinated with UFOs.”

Roman too is a believer and with good reason - it turns out he’s seen one himself! While telling the tale, he said: “I was driving in the car, my mate next to me. We both saw it, looked up - circular, silver, metallic, upside-down-bowl looking thing… And then the next second, gone!”

Campmates bond over the funniest of things, don’t they?

5. Caitlyn can’t understand James

During last night’s hilarious Dingo Dollar Challenge, Caitlyn confessed that she actually struggles to understand what James says sometimes due to their different accents.

The pair had enough obstacles in front of them as it was (what with the spiders and bugs) so chucking in a language barrier as well made the Challenge that extra bit entertaining to watch.

While figuring out the codes for the escape room they were in, Caitlyn turned to James saying: “I wish I could understand you better… You have such a thick accent. God, it’s so difficult!”

Differences between the pair also arose while figuring out whether a tool they found was a spanner or adjustable wrench… These two are gold!

6. The Campmates would rather have chocolate than Cliff

Main Camp were visibly gutted when Caitlyn and James came back empty handed on their return from the Dingo Dollar Challenge. Their disappointment grew even further when they then found out that Caitlyn and James did in fact win the challenge… but that an edible treat wasn’t on offer as a prize.

After James inform them that instead of food they had Cliff headed their way, saddened faces spread around the Camp as they all confessed how they’d rather have had chocolate.

Nadine said: “I almost feel sorry for Cliff, I do. I do feel sorry for Cliff! I think there was high hopes for a phone call and chocolate and… Cliff came.”

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here