I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

7 things we learnt on Day 3 in the Castle

1. Hollie has an excellent singing voice 🎤

If Giovanna didn't already have goosebumps from the cold of the Castle, she definitely would have after Hollie's rendition of Andra Day's 'Rise Up'. What a beautiful voice.

2. The world has watched Goivanna’s wedding 💍

Giovanna’s wedding might have been the biggest day of many peoples lives - given that it’s been viewed over 21 million times on YouTube!

3. Brits don’t always talk about the weather 🤯

When Kiosk Cledwyn asks what percentage of Brits talk about the weather every day, the unanimous vote from Camp for the higher answer (44%) was quickly proved incorrect as Cledwyn slammed his shutters down.

Who’d have thought only 26% of Brits talk about the weather every day?! Shane’s sad face at the empty handed return from Giovanna and Hollie says it all. Shocking.

4. Mo needs to up his spelling game 🤣

It’s unfortunate that it took a pretend game of Family Fortunes for Mo to learn the correct spellings of ‘knee’ and ‘knob’, but what can you do? Every day’s a school day.

5. Shane has gone go-karting with Tom Cruise 😍

The story of Shane going go-karting with Tom Cruise blew a fair few minds around Camp last night. Recalling how they met one time at an indoor go-karting track near a studio they were both filming at, Shane said: “We’d race until five in the morning - he was a speed freak. He didn’t care about danger.”

Mind. Blown.

6. Beverley’s happy place is Spain ☀

There’s nothing like an eating Trial to make you think of where you’d rather be. Opposed to Jordan’s happy place (a football stadium), Bev’s is a spot that we could very much get behind. A glass of rosé in sunny Spain? Yes please.

7.  Garlic is the simplest way to lift the mood in Camp

A bulb of garlic was all it took get the Celebs smiling from ear to ear last night. After Vernon, Jordan and Bev’s victory result of 10/10 stars during the eating Trial, the Campmates were absolutely buzzed to receive a simple serving of seasoning to send their taste buds soaring. 

A lovely reminder to always appreciate the little things.

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here