I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

8 things we learnt during Day 5 in the Castle

1. Jordan gives a good foot rub 😂

The speed in which Jordan jumped to Ruthie’s aid for her imaginary ‘locked’ foot was absolutely adorable. He was the perfect mix of gullible but genuine.

2. Shane is extremely slow at counting 💤

To think he had the cheek to blame Bev for his slow counting during the Castle Coin Challenge too.

3. Ruthie and Russell are excellent deceivers 👌

From the sneaky foot rub from Jordan, to setting the Campmates up for failure when it came to answering Kiosk Cledwyn’s question, the Castle newbies had serious control of their mission to sabotage.

4.  Victoria doesn’t believe in ghosts 👻

It turns out that not everyone was spooked by Russell’s (quite frankly award winning) performance of spotting a ghost. Although Victoria didn’t budge at all on her belief that ghosts aren’t real, she did however comfort Bev who very contrastingly said: “If I saw one, I would pass out.”

5. Jordan makes small talk when he nervous 🍔

It’s not every Trial where, in a bid to distract themselves, a Celeb ends up asking Ant and Dec what they had for their tea that night.  

In case you can’t remember - they had a chicken wrap with mayo and a few chips on the side.

6. Trials can make you forgetful 🤭

Bless Jordan forgetting that he’d actually picked up the twelfth star already in the last moments of Trapped Door. 

7.  Shiitake mushrooms should be renamed 🍄

Jordan is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only did he massage Ruthie’s foot and forget he’d collected all twelve stars during his Trial, but he also encountered the most hilarious of hiccups when it called shiitake mushrooms ‘s**t-take mushrooms’.

8. Frizz-free hair is the key to happiness 💯

Not only will AJ’s luxury item up his hair game, he says it’ll also make him feel energised and able to start the day right - what a result. Where can we grab a bottle of this magic cream?! 

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here